Saturday, July 24, 2010

$.4.4 billion in questionable spending Community health department audit finds

Catherine Jun / The Detroit News

Lansing -- A nonpartisan state audit uncovered as much as $.4.4 billion in questionable spending within the Michigan Department of Community Health in the last two years, including payments for services to people who had died, according to a release Thursday by the state House of Representatives.
The findings were made by the Michigan Auditor General, who issued a 275-page report late last month.
House Republicans will ask department Director Janet Olszewski to testify before lawmakers on the audit's findings.

From The Detroit News:

$4.4 Billion in questionable spending is not a small issue. And it's not only the Department of Community Health than needs to be looked into. People need to know exactly how their tax dollars are being spent and on whom they are being spent. I would recommend that everyone download the AUDIT REPORT HERE and start reading. When you finish, maybe, just maybe you will be better educated to vote in the August 3rd Primary and this November.

How many people remember this story that I posted February 4, 2010?

State Police begin investigation of Muskegon probation officers

Both officers were involved in Muskegon County’s Sobriety Court, which recently won a two-year, $500,000 federal stimulus grant to expand the jail-diversion program.

That program involves intensive, court-supervised probation and oversight of participating criminal defendants, mostly people charged with driving while intoxicated. Malone, the county staffer who has overseen it since it was launched in 2006, has been described as the court’s main organizer and “architect.”

Meanwhile, the Muskegon County Sheriff’s Office has completed its criminal investigation of another fired county official, former Deputy Treasurer Dan Joslyn. It is seeking an arrest warrant, according to an assistant prosecutor

This is a combination of federal grant money and Michigan Department of Community Health.

Not only does the Federal government love to pat themselves on the back for taking our money, but you can see how our non-elected employees put it to such good use.

And now a little tidbit from the Michigan Department of Human Services or DHS. I just received this this morning. It seems that DHS is now in charge of Voter Registration. It's printed right on their forms.

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