Saturday, July 3, 2010

Youre Seeing A Global Meltdown. Theres No Way Out Of This

Trend Researcher Gerald Celente joins Russia Today on July 1, 2010 to discuss the US dollar and the IMF’s proposed solution to replace the world’s sole reserve currency:

You’re seeing a global meltdown. There’s no way out of this. Everyone knows that Greece isn’t going to be able to pay of its debt. And we just saw today Spain’s bonds being downgraded once again. No, there’s a global financial currency crisis. They’re coming up with another scheme. Just as the Euro didn’t work, now the IMF is going to come to the rescue, put together a basket of currencies for everyone to draw from, and that going to work?

We can see a devaluation of the dollar. That’s what we’re looking for, rather than a high inflation. And we believe it is going to happen whether they call a bank holiday or not. In some way or another we’re going to see a dollar devaluation down the line.

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