Monday, July 26, 2010

FedUpUSA Endorses Sheriff Michael Bouchard for Governor of Michigan

The field for the Republican nomination for governor is pretty crowded, but after careful consideration, FedUpUSA is proud to endorse Sheriff Michael Bouchard for Governor of Michigan.

We believe that Mr. Bouchard stands apart from the rest of the candidates for the simple reason that he consistently stands on the side of freedom.

His bold move to assertively propose that Michigan follow the lead of the most prosperous states in the union by becoming a Right to Work state is just the kind of aggressive action we need to turn Michigan around.

His firm stance in opposition to all the taxpayer-funded bailouts of insolvent institutions is one of the pillars upon which FedUpUSA was built.

In addition, Mr. Bouchard’s belief in the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution and his willingness to assert it to protect the citizens of Michigan against an overreaching federal government in the matters of health care and Cap & Trade is of the utmost importance to freedom-loving Michiganders.

We must have a leader willing to put the needs of the people of Michigan above all else. Mr. Bouchard is not more big Washington DC government (Hoekstra); he’s not more ineffective state government (Cox) and he’s not a small businessman with very liberal ideas claiming to be a conservative (Snyder). FedUpUSA believes Michael Bouchard is the right man for Michigan.


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