Monday, July 19, 2010

Jay Leno - 4th of July - This is really Embarrassing for America

This Leno clip may be funny, but as you’ll see following the video, the answers contained therein really do mirror the dumbing down of the American mind. See for yourself.

Is this why our College Graduates keep telling us we don't know what were talking about OR they tell us that "THINGS ARE DIFFERENT NOW"? They sure are. Look which generation it was that could finally answer the questions. Here's a hint, the college instructor couldn't.


Pika-Steph said...

Good grief that's sad. If it is one thing that Glenn Beck is doing, it's an American public sorely lacking in American History. FWIW, my 2nd grader could answer all those questions - no thanks to his public school education. I taught him American history myself using the National Center For Constitutional Studies elementary school resources.

Sue said...

How sad and pathetic.