Friday, July 30, 2010

MERS: Named in Class Action Racketeering Suit

This is extremely important, especially for those people who are facing foreclosure. A large majority of foreclosures are initiated by MERS. There are at least 3 state appellate court rulings now that have established that MERS is not an interested party to a foreclosure, and it has been subsequently barred from intiating foreclosures in those states. Now it appears that this Complaint is accusing MERS of being nothing more than a conspiracy amongst the large banks, which has resulted in nothing more than a way to fraudulently convey title. I will not be at all surprised if this ends up being the case. Full Story

KABOOM!!! This will send out shock waves.
After last week’s lawsuit filed on behalf of investors for possible securities fraud violations against DJSP Enterprises and another pending. I present to you another Class Action filed 7/26/2010 this time against the Law Offices of David J. Stern P.A., David J. Stern and MERSCORP, Inc..
Mr. Trent totally “gets it” and in this complaint he outlines and points out what we all have a hard time piecing together. FULL STORY

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