Sunday, July 18, 2010


Would this have happened if neighbors were friendlier with one another. It's easy to ignore a screaming child, but on the other hand, a knock on the door of your neighbor could also save a child's life.

4 year old, Dominick Calhoun, of Argentine Michigan was brutally beaten and tortured by his mothers boyfriend of the course of 4 days. This captivated the small town it took place in, as well as the small surrounding communities. This is not a high crime area, and the absolute last thing we would've expected. But it goes to show that child abuse can happen right under your nose. Never turn a blind eye (or ear). Dominicks death was 100% preventable. A simple phone call by one person was the difference between life and death for Dominick, but the call was never made. If you have a suspicion, make a call! We need to speak for those too young to speak for themselves!

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