Sunday, July 25, 2010

Los Zetas drug cartel seizes 2 U.S. ranches in Texas

It was brought to my attention by several resources that this story about Cartel seizes 2 US ranches is a hoax.

Invasion: Gangs, gun battles at Tex-Mex border;

Individuals who have flooded the switchboards of the Laredo Police Department and the Webb Sheriff’s Department have been asking one question: is there a problem down along the border? They have received the same response just as I received when I asked the same question, “Yes, there is a problem down here and it’s serious,” said one law enforcement source. When asked if there is any truth to the rumors of a Texas Rancher having their property taken over by the Cartel on this side of the border their response was clear, “Hell no and I’d know, I’m a 9-11 operator.”

As you can see it’s all about how you ask the question in order to receive the correct answer when inquiring into such a seriously volatile situations. When you call any police department along the border and ask if there is a problem down their way, of course they will say there is for sure. They deal with border issues every day and yes, there is a serious problem down their way. Therefore, please be sure to ask the right questions before posting out to the masses about this issue. I for one am guilty today of doing the same as all of you, which is why I made the phone calls and asked the right questions to quell this situation once and for all.. FULL STORY

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Jon said...

Apparently Minerales, the location near which the alleged "seizure" is supposed to have occurred, is a colonia, which often means a shantytown of Hispanic squatters. Google map.

As I said Sunday, July 25, in the meeting in Selma, Texas, my theory is that some Zetas went there to collect some drug money, met opposition, and in a firefight withdrew and took refuge in a couple of nearby ranches. By the time anyone could respond, they had escaped the scene, everyone in the area cleaned up and shut up, and we may no longer have evidence other than the words of a few people whose information is second-hand.

There have been such violent encounters elsewhere, in Arizona, California, and New Mexico, that have followed a similar pattern, except that some leave dead bodies. Almost everyone involved has a stake in covering it up.

I spoke to some people Sunday afternoon at a gun show in San Antonio who are attending to security for some ranchers, who provided confirmation that gangsters are oppressing ranchers in the area, to get them to allow operations across their land without interference. So that part seems to be happening, and has been for a long time. I have been reporting since 1995 of efforts by the drug traffickers to gain effective control of U.S. territory, along the border, in inner cities, and along transshipment corridors, through bribery, extortion, and intimidation of property owners and local officials. This was discussed by a lawyer, Joseph Delany, in an 1999 article.

If nothing else, this made a good start at a dry run, and we can learn some lessons from it, like whom we can count on.

So it may not have been a “hoax”, but a report that made it seem like something it wasn't, by use of the word "seizure", suggesting a long-term seizure of territory, rather than as a transitory incident.

We need to focus attention on the threats to U.S. sovereignty over our own territory that such intrusion involves. Border security is a separate issue from immigration, and even if immigrants were no more likely to commit crimes than citizens, the need to keep out criminals may be great enough to keep out harmless immigrants as well if the two cannot be distinguished.