Wednesday, October 8, 2008

9 / 11 Truth nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2008

4. October 2008

Reason for the nomination of David Ray Griffin and 9 / 11 Truth Movement to the Nobel Peace Prize 2008 Supported by 10 professors, or current or former parliamentarians

Since 2001, the major mass media - the major newspapers, TV channels and news agencies - have been instruments of war propaganda. While more and more academics, military officers and intelligence analysts presented a growing amount of evidence that 9/11-angrepene against New York and Washington were carried out by people inside the United States system, not mainstream media reported this information. Despite the fact that almost 50% of the U.S. population is skeptical of the official version of 11 September, the mass media has not presented the background for this skepticism. The regular mass media's inability to safeguard their democratic responsibilities have forced the 9 / 11 Truth Movement to put their information on the Internet. Despite the corruption in the regular mass media have David Ray Griffin and 9 / 11 Truth Movement able to present significant information that could have turned war to peace. This, as we understand it made them the most worthy candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize. Full Story.

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Adamgv said...

Really great blog! We all know 9-11 was set-up by the U.S. Government.

Please review our website at your earliest convenience. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Adam Vohrer
Vice President

Citizens Committee for Restructured Government (CCRG)