Sunday, October 5, 2008

DNC steps in to silence lawsuit over Obama birth certificate

Democrat suing his own party says it's 'like they're in cahoots'

What I find most interesting about this article is Mr. Berg's frustration with the media as well as his own party leaders. Most attorneys I talk to don't believe that there's anything wrong with being a member of the CFR, Council on Foreign Relations, Which both Obama and McCain are. I wonder where these people think the Globalist One World Order agenda is coming from?

Berg is frustrated, not only with his own party's leadership for allegedly not investigating Obama's background, but also with the major news outlets for failing as well.

"I should also be suing the national media and their disgrace for not properly vetting, inspecting or checking on Barack Obama.

"Look what they're doing to Governor Palin: They're opening up her closet doors, they're going through everything personal, but no one has ever gone after Obama. It doesn't make sense," Berg said.
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