Monday, October 13, 2008

The October Surprise—Suit To Remove Barack Obama From The Ballot.

Barack Obama And The Democratic National Committee Are Committing Fraud On The American People


bob graham said...

Mr Berg, I am sorry you are never going to rise higher than you have and blowing this venture of racism against Obama will only serve to lower your worth in society. The4 suit is OLD news and from your own railings you need a few facts about life pointed out to you and those you expect to rally to your cause. In the case of the birth certificate, many folks with far more expertise in this field than you have, have poured over the article and found it to be genuine. In the matter of how a child gets registered in a school, you need to check with any illegal alien in the USA, any parent who wanted to enroll their child in a school of special interest i.e. football/music etc., the PARENTS lie not the child.

I imagine the reason there are no comments at this point is the fact ALL must be shooting down your quest for sympathy and fame , and that you delete them as fast as they come in, which MUST be a monumental task. Good luck in your life, I feel your misdirection problems may cause you to need the good wishes/luck.

cherielw said...

Bob Graham, there you go again playing that RACE card in your very first sentence! How shameful of you.

IF Barak Hussein Mohammed Obama were truly a citizen of the U.S., then he would have produced, immediately, a valid certified birth certificate. But even the fraudelent one he produced, he made America wait for it...I guess so he could have his ducks all lined up beforehand. The media can continue to spin this as they will. MSM is 99% leftist anyway, except for FoxNews, which I'm questioning here lately...and LOU DOBBS, who is a true loyal American.

Obama is 100$ socialist. He stated his reason for joining the bigot Wright's church was because "he liked what they were doing for africans." No mention even of African-Americans (but if you have to have a hyphen in your name separating American, then you're no American anyway). He, and his wife, are bigoted anti-American muslims. He is so in tune with his true religion that he even stated that he would be campaigning in all 57 states! Islam has 57 states, not the the U.S. - is he that stupid on the history of his own country??

As well, he's a fraud because he claims Chrisianity (and a muslim can do that because they will stoop to anything to destroy Christianity) and yet, supports abortion. He says he doesn't support late term. Well, guess what, Mr. Obama? Babies are viable in the 2nd trimester. And a baby is a baby is a baby.....

I could go on and on, but for what purpose? Obama is a master liar. Hopefully, Mr. Berg will get him bumped off the ticket. I'd rather even have HILLARY than I would Obama!! And I AM A REPUBLICAN!!

bob graham said...

cherielw, There you go, admiting to being a feminist and having abortion as a main cause for electing a person to run this once great country . I too am a registered Republican (which I will change to Independent ASAP). Touble is BEING a Republican now means one must become a cultist worshipping Fascism and being blasphemous. If folks were TRULY worried about the constitution and free enterprise, we would be seeing a fairly one sided election and Ron Paul would be the strong side. Too many one thought sheoples though and on we go. I guess you are up to giving your money to Bankers, Investors, Banks and all other forms of large business. I might ask, "Is brown the color of choice for your shirts"? If not, then that is the next step. As for abortion, there is no mention of it being approved or disapproved in the Bible and as women who gave birth out of wedlock were summarily stoned to death back in the Holy days, I would assume there were a few being performed in some fashion even back then. The entire thing of taking a life in any fashion irks me personally, but I do not wish to force my life on anyone else and I sure would not want to be in the shoes of a woman who had to face the anquish and pain of making such a stressful decision. I even grant you you're thoughts on the matter, but must turn a deaf ear to sniveling aimed towards me. Personally I can't understand anyone who abhors abortion, but relisshes in seeing money from the poor being handed to elitists when death by starvation occurs even in this country. Likewise those who rail against abortion and cheer a war designed for the sole purpose of oil grants as evidenced in the auction of Iraq oil fields as I write, and our excellent troops continue to die doing the bidding of an out and out dictatorship regime here at home. These same troops will return to a country mired in economical distress and divided by caveman style feelings similar to the killing of the first Americans (Indians). Yuppers, I guess some have their druthers and I have mine. I'm betting pretty heavy on my entering the pearly gates and wish all the same good fortune. MANY WILL HAVE TO DO SOME SOUL SEARCHING FIRST I WOULD THINK! Just an opinion.

cherielw said...

Bob, you neglected to address your charge of racism. I would really like to know how you get racism out of his lawsuit. However, your charge of racism led me to believe that you were a Democrat, or black (whether Republican or Democrat)! So I'm even more shocked that you are (were) a fellow Republican. I, too, plan to switch parties. The Republicans have become a disgrace to this country, but not quite so much as the Democrats. So we will eventually come across one another again as Independents.

However, this country's Constitution laid out our laws and those laws apparently do not matter to Obama - given that he has yet to prove citizenship, but has very questionable associations with all kinds of groups/people who want to see this country destroyed through socialism, then reduced to Sharia Law (Islam).

I think you are wrong to assess Republicans as cultist-worshiping fascists, as well as blasphemous. It is common knowledge that the Republican party, being the "conservative party", attracts the majority of CHRISTIANS. And they certainly have their share of problems. But they do not even begin to compare to the lack of morality practiced by the Democrat politicians. It should be noted, as well, that it was the REPUBLICAN party who insisted that the freed slaves be educated in order to have the TRUE freedom to care for themselves and truly become independent. It was the Democrat party who fought them every step of the way. Yes, the Dems have spun it over the years to convince "minorities" that, because Republicans are against just handing out BILLIONS of free tax dollars to low-income people, that they are the bad guys. No, they want these low-income to better themselves and not be dependent on government.

Feminism and abortion are NOT topics to elect one to the White House. But they do come into play. Bill Clinton knew that doctors are forcing breach births in order to catch them just prior to completion in order to puncture their skulls and suck their brains out. As well, our leaders have known about live birth abortions, where the babies are placed in cold, dark closets to die. Yet, they do nothing. Bush, much as I detest him, did at least try to stop some of it.

I have always been of the opinion that it should be a woman's choice - and that before making such a choice, she would confer with God, after reading EXODUS 21:22 AND II KINGS 8:12, which specifically refer to this issue. Just because the decision is often made by the mother, does not absolve the mother of God's laws. The practice of stoning an out-of-wedlock mother is MANMADE law, not God's law. We are supposed to be a country built upon a Christian foundation. All our FREEDOMS were based upon this predicate, that we are a moral and just people. When that morality fades, our freedoms die. It is the twisting of those freedoms that are bringing us down now. However, we are all given a free will. It is indeed a horrendous decision for some women. But for those who simply use abortion as a means of birth control, that is unacceptable.

When this country disassembles it's moral/Godly foundation, God's blessings and hand of protection will leave it. Sharia Law will be waiting in the wings.

As for seeing money go towards elitest (like Obama, for instance) and not to the poor, do your research, Bob (no sniveling intended). What constitutes the bulk of our monetary outlay, besides our military? Welfare. We pour billions and billions into welfare, which simply promotes dependence and laziness among those who have figured out how to use the system, especially illegal aliens who pop scores of anchor babies as soon as they get here.

I'm furious that the massive bailout package passed and believe me, I made my angry calls to my reps to insist that they vote against it - to no avail. As a Republican, I WILL be voting against those reps who voted FOR it! But more begs the question, other than why bail out the big boys who made bad decisions, is...who took out the home loans, car loans and credit cards, who could not afford them? Let's talk about brown shirts. Over FIVE million home loans to illegal aliens. And I doubt our government will EVER disclose how many of those FIVE million caused this debacle. One illegal alone, used fraudulent SS cards to obtain 3 mortgages, all of which went bad, to the tune of $780,000! That would be a windfall for my family. How does an illegal get $780,000 of credit in a country that he's not even supposed to be in? And the illegals are only over here because they're doing the work (for a pittance) that Americans won't do? BTW, they can afford to work for minimum wage (which Obama will promptly raise) because our welfare system is paying for everything else for them, including their cell phone bills!

So no, I don't agree that we need to be handing out more and more money to "the poor", unless it is to LEGAL Americans, and it VERY temporary in nature, as it was intended to be back in the day. And there is no reason for death by starvation in this country. There are soup kitchens and shelters galore, supported by our tax dollars. But "the poor" HAVE to make a little effort to get there, or request that it be brought to them, via "Meals on Wheels".

We are in agreement on the war - although I marched in support of it before I figured out that Bush, and his cooperative Democrat/ Republican administration, is a dictatorship. But those who say we CANNOT just pull out now, are right. Look what happened the last time...genocide. Islam is itching to get their hands on the entire world. The battle we are in right now, is the same battle that has been going on since Ishmael and Isaac. It is THEIR battle that THEIR ancestors continue to this day.

Indeed, if Americans don't wake up and start helping to fight for the very survival of this country, and her original foundations (minus slavery), then those brave soldiers, whom I make it a point to honor each time I meet one in public, will be coming home to a third-world country which could be in the midst of it's 2nd/final civil war.

bob graham said...

Debate is just that no more no less, and I will say you have ideas which run congruent to mine, but if you can not see race as the issue of drive in most who oppose Obama by now, I can't help that. Cromagnan Man would still be around if it weren't for homo-sapiens and racism exists from then to now as an animalistic instinct where fear of anything different is the driver.

As to Obama's proving birth, the birth certificate does that and belaboring this issue takes valuable time fro issues of far greater importance. If one were to go tit for tat, and bring Ayers association with Obama into the fray, then McCain's break down during POW days and his writing of false letters for Hanoi should be fair game, especially as he has admitted to doing so on national television and stated that he "only let himself down and not his country". Many POW's became MIA's for holding out against what became deadly force treatment. Tod Palin's actual membership in the AIP (which is a militant group ACTIVE TODAY) and Sarah's use of them in her rise in politics is of more concern to me than Obama having sat on a board like the Annenberg Foundation and made a living as a lawyer (which he spent many years in education to become) with a FORMER member of a militant group some 30+ years ago. Yet Obama has steered clewar of saying those things that I write about and which are cast in stone, not some illiterate internet troll's railings. Personally, aging of matters do tend make issues less of an issue when taking all into consideration and using more power of deduction than heart or gut level explosions. My hat is off to Obama for not bringing all into play, because, in case you haven't noticed, I WOULD.

Of further import would be all of the issues which McCain takes credit for "SIGNING" and yet no results came forth of any value. Most recently the circulated "Letter of Demand" regarding Fannie and Freddie. IMO aletter of demand should be followed through to fruition, especially in a matter of such importance to the economy. Yet nothing until election time? And then no more than a claim for credit of merit? For a mere signing? Way too frequent and way too similar in all instances, especially for one who got a "Get out of jail card" for the Keating scandal. Once again , just an opinion.

cherielw said...

Bob, FYI, I am not a sheople. And therefore, you will not be able to convince me, a thinking and educated woman, into believing that racism against Obama is an issue. It is not. The majority of whites have had it pounded into them over the decades by our government that we are not allowed to see in color. Unfortunately, that was a one-way street, as all the other races in this country have done nothing BUT see in color, and taught their children to see in color. Thus, given that whites are now sick of being constantly blamed for all the ills of minorities, rather than them being taught to take responsibility for their own actions and future (as Bill Cosby says), anger in whites is rising.

I will turn this around on you by saying that reverse racism is the reason Obama is even as close to the White House as he is. Because nearly ALL blacks are voting for him simply because he is black -- even black Republicans are voting for him because he is .... black (6% black, 44% Arab and 50% white. However, Obama said he'd remove his white blood if he could). So let me ask you this: assuming, arguendo, that your assertion is correct, why is it ok for all the blacks, as well as white Democrats (I guess Democrats are not racists), to vote for Obama simply because he is black (6%), but it's considered racism for whites to vote against him because they prefer McCain, a man who has proven that he can reach across the aisle and has consistently pitted himself against his own party, and who just happens to be white? Bit of a double-standard here, huh?

You did not address any of the issues I brought up in my last post, which are indisputable. You simply brought another faction in, Ayers, which I had not even brought against Obama! But since you brought it up, are you aware that it was Ayers who handed Obama millions of dollars and instructed him on how to use it to radicalize students to the Ayer's way of thinking...anti-American. It had nothing to do with education, as Obama asserts. The proof is there and will eventually be brought up on the left-wing MSM's...maybe. So while it matters that Ayers is a non-repentent terrorist, it is more important to note that Ayers was one (of many) who have influenced Obama in the radical ways. Obama's wife fits right in, in case you've not read her college thesis. It was so radical and racist that even most of the blacks on campus would have nothing to do with her! So those having major influences on Obama throughout his life, we have his radical, racist, anti-American wife who was never proud of her country until HER HUSBAND was nominated, a radical and mega-bigoted, anti-American pastor for 20 years, the radical, anti-American Ayers...not to mention the others, which for reasons of space, I won't even bother going into with you. And let's not forget about Acorn! I'm sure Obama will have an excuse for his association with them as well. But hey, no big deal that he first trained them, then later became their attorney...AND his campaign gave them $800,000...AND the bailout, which he made it a point to do more than just vote "present" had $20BILLION tagged for just ACORN!! Picture Obama shrugging..."No big deal!"

From your last response, I've deduced that you are, in fact, NOT a Republican-about-to-turn-Independant. You are a Democrat. I've tangled with enough of them to know their pattern of fruitless arguments and lack of continuity when their smacked in the face with facts that they cannot wisp away. You are also more than likely, black -- given the fact that your tone is very pro-Obama and total anger at anyone trying to get to the truth or exposing the truth pertaining to him, AND trying to convince yourself that I was being "sniveling" toward you in my original post. Fact is, anyone can read these posts now and see which of us had the "sniveling" tone (and yes, my tone IS NOW sniveling!!) When a Democrat loses a fair debate, they digress, which is what you have done here. This is my final entry on this blog, as I know when I'm dealing with a die-hard Democrat -- fruitless and blinded to the facts!

bob graham said...

Having successfuly baited you, your true colors shine through as you deduce , "I must be black". Well, you are close as I have no blue blood that can be traced to Mary Queen of Scotts and my clan had a propensity for freedom, we are commonly called "Black Scotts". It is more for our rebellious nature than anythng else though and I am blonde and have blue eyes and tend to burn rather easily in the sun. Fortunately I do not burn as badly as folks with African Blood, who must watch their time in the sun more than any cracker does, including "Graham Crackers". You are correct that racism DOES manifest itself in all races, something that should diminish (never going away completely) once Obama takes office and folks see that there is no need for worry due to skin color, or origination point as all came "OUT OF AFRICA" at one time or another and passed through Arabic areas on their way to Europe. Don't ever mention this to a Sicilian though, they think God dropped them on the island.Like you, they think they are the only Christians of merit also, but using "your own" figures/facts, the USA being mainly Christian, and registered voters being mostly Democrats, basic math says more Christians are found in the Democratic Party than any other. It will take a while maybe even after he is out of office but correction to what damage has been done to our country will take even more time and the damage was done by a minority of angry old white men from the spend spend spend Republican era, where they have held power on the hill for close to twenty years.

Bush's legacy was damaged centuries ago as Chris Columbus has managed to close more banks than Bush and continues to do so once every year.But, Bush came close.

Please document where any of McCain's reaching across the aisle did any more good than secure new drinking buddies as that is all I can remember of the guy and all that any of his past comrades in the military can remember him doing while on active duty. In most business it is mandatory to date and time stamp letters of any importance and none can be seen on the supposed "Letter of demand", regarding Freddie and Fannie, curiously signed by only Republicans ? Being in real estate I can remember nothing of the issue in 2006 and the National Realtors Association keeps pretty close tabs on legislature dealing with real estate and is singularly responsible for denying banks the right to branch out into sale of real estate where they would have then been similar to used car salesmen who make a continuous churn of their product and high interest loans. This took place during the time the supposed letter of demand surfaced and apparently went immediately into an area of much darkness.

The most interesting part of brainwashing is that IT DOES WORK and no one who is, knows they are, and will continue life denying this fact for eternity. See link

As for Ayers, I don't think you were old enough to remember what precipitated the era of violent protests of several splinter factions but consider the fact that charges needed to be dropped ?? And this is not a one of a kind situation for those trying years. Consider also the statement made by one of our founding fathers who was adamant about the second amendment and literally called for armed rebellion on a periodic time schedule just to weed out those who had become corrupted. Amazing that back that far he knew what the government was capale of? Personally I prefer Mahatma Ghandi's approach, but can not dictate or spew what others choose to do. I have others to handle that, and thank you for your gracious cooperation in this area.

bob graham said...

For those who claim to be Republicans I say claim all you want. Even though I have never done more than pass through Missouri, I feel I can use their motto "SHOW ME" . If you are not swept up in the fury of many angry old white men, "SHOW ME". If you continuously say you are and then claime McCain is the best of Republicans, then I say you are brainwashed and I will "SHOW YOU". Simply go to the address I am going to provide, view the video and answer this question. WHERE WERE YOU WHEN YOUR COUNTRY NEEDED YOU?

You had an opportunity and passed it up as THEY wanted and directed you to do. How could this happen if you are not under their power? "SHOW ME".

bob graham said...

I must say that upon arriving at Exodus 21 I was not real surprised to see it dealt with how to deal with slaves. But going beyond that.

I did as directed, per your directions to subatantiate the Bible's doctrine where abortion is concerned. I submit Exodus 21 and 22 "but he is not to be punished if the slave gets up after a day or two, since the slave is his property."

22 "If men who are fighting hit a pregnant woman and she gives birth prematurely [e] but there is no serious injury, the offender must be fined whatever the woman's husband demands and the court allows. 23 But if there is serious injury, you are to take life for life, 24 eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, 25 burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise."

Wow, you would cite the laws for dealing with pregnant slaves? Laws for the enslavement of others as though the loss of the baby was a "financial" burden, a "financial " loss? Okay I see where you are coming from, but am at a loss as to where you are going.

II Kinga 8-12 12 "Why is my lord weeping?" asked Hazael.
"Because I know the harm you will do to the Israelites," he answered. "You will set fire to their fortified places, kill their young men with the sword, dash their little children to the ground, and rip open their pregnant women."

Okay, this seems to deal with war and I agree war is HELL but what has this to do with abortion for saving a life of the mother? Am I missing something ? Or do I see where folks have misled you as to the Bible's involvement? I can understand opinion and deal with it quite well, but others will hear my opinion if I am subjected to theirs also. I do happen to be sort of a fanatic on facts and figures versus opinions though and facts denerally tip my opinion to the logical and factual versus the opinion and heresay laden stuff so common especially during election time.

As for the other questions you would have me explain, go to each candidates home site, and, where answers to all can be found. You might notice on Snopes that there have been 36 opinions guaged from moderate lies to out and out lies submited and later successffully rebuked or debunked which were levied against Obama. You will find only six lies submitted and later successfuly rubuked or debunked where John McCain is concerned.

Quick math and complete sanity would hypothesize that there are six times more out and out liars spewing their lies about Obama as there are those who spew about McCain given the truth in black and white (as opposed to just black) terms.I find this disturbing as all who support McCain say they "are the true Christians". Lies are not what I percieve as what should be coming from a "TRUE CHRISTIAN'S" mouth. Just an opinion though and maybe it is somewhat skewed.

Sorry I could not get back any sooner, I had to watch some paint dry.