Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dear Mr. Walenta, PBS Grand Valley State University

I have to commend and highly praise the League of Women Voters for their fairness and un-bias determination to FULLY educate voters on candidates position by inviting all candidates to participate.

Your refusal to follow this same format to fully inform the public of ALL their CHOICES belies the mission statement of Public Broadcasting:

Bringing diverse viewpoints to television and the Internet, PBS provides high-quality documentary and dramatic entertainment, and consistently dominates the most prestigious award competitions.

I happen to agree with Mr. Bosset that you are and continue to be no better than Main Stream Media controlled by the two dominating corrupted parties, and fall short of bringing Diverse Viewpoints to your viewers. This debate is a good case in point.

I am also a Republican Delegate in Muskegon. Would allowing Third Party Candidates really be such a threat to Carl Levin or Jack Hoogendyk?

I am sending this email to all my friends and family, encouraging them to stop supporting PBS all around the country until such time as PBS can allow FAIR and DIVERSE viewpoints even in political debates.

Rose Lear
Muskegon, MI

Dear Mr. Walenta,

This is the second e-mail that I have sent to you regarding the upcoming debate. Previously I had asked why your organization was excluding Scotty Boman, the Libertarian candidate, from your scheduled debate.

To date I have not heard from you, however, I have heard that you are excluding him due to his lack of a "visible campaign". I find that interesting since he seems to be all over the internet and I have seen him at 2 different events. What I find even more interesting is I haven't seen or heard from either of the other candidates. Perhaps Muskegon isn't important to them...

I can tell you this, I am not one of Mr. Bowman's supporters, however, due to his answers to my questions (the other 2 didn't even bother to respond) I will be voting for him. I do not agree with Mr. Boman on several issues, however, he has had the courage to give me an honest answer and not just an answer to gather my vote. I am a lifelong Republican, a precinct delegate and a state delegate. I have been truly amazed at how corrupt our elections have become and how afraid both Democrats and Republicans have become at any other "party" getting their message out to voters. Isn't that what a debate is for? For citizens to have an opportunity to hear what ALL candidates have to say, not just the ones anointed by the two main parties? For us to be able to gather information and make intelligent decisions?

As a final note, should your organization continue to be so narrow minded and exclude Mr. Boman and other 3rd party candidates I will once again vote. The second vote will be with my checkbook. I will make the decision that your organization can not possibly further the education of my three sons and I will boycott GVSU.

This letter will also be sent to my entire e-mail list. This list of about 1200 people comprises friends, family, co-workers, clients, etc (3 cousins have graduated from GVSU). I will ask them to do the same and pass this open letter on to their friends and family as well.

To my friends and family, if this is how GVSU acts by censoring people (sorry to those who have graduated from GVSU) then the education they provide is likely censored as well. Please take a moment to express your thoughts and pass this open letter on to those on your e-mail lists as well.


Brad Bosset, GRI Exit Realty of Muskegon (231) 830-3964 direct (231) 737-9677 fax

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