Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Council on Foreign Relations and the 2008 Election

The media must focus on the personalities of the candidates, because of their lack of representation of Americans. All presidential candidates are pro war and pro big government, are CFR and AIPAC members, except for Ron Paul, who represents Americans, which the CFR and media do not, who is censored or given minimal coverage so that people will not hear of him, and against whom intensive voter fraud has taken place.

In addition to not being controlled by the media, another reason for a person to not largely or solely base their decision on who they perceive to be popular, is to prevent voting for someone who is popular but unknowingly bad (Bush for example). The media can and do make whomever they want to seem the most popular. (e.g. Bush in 2000, now in 2008 the whole lineup of traitorous warmongers). They don't report on millions of people, they determine how millions of people will act. In other words the viewers depend on the media, not vice versa. For some reason, Ron Paul, who represents Americans, isn't given coverage by the media, who determine, not report on, which candidates are the most popular. Ron Paul would have, and Chuck Baldwin will do all of the following, whereas none of the other candidates would do any of the following:

No War in Iraq
No War on Drugs
No income tax / IRS / Federal Reserve
Limited Government
No government overspending which the income tax pays for
No subtle removal of human / constitutional rights

Those are the freedoms the media is keeping us from.

Part 2 in progress.

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