Friday, October 17, 2008

Why I won't vote for Obama

I find that I must really examine any democrat candidate because they are all so openly Communist Socialists that for that reason alone I can't vote for them.

Obama creates and even bigger fear should he be elected.

Why won't Obama produce the documents to prove his citizenship? Is it because he isn't a Citizen?

Look at the type of people he associates himself with.

It's one thing to be African/American and want to be President, that's a good thing, but quite another to be African and want to be President of the United States.

Corsi releases statement blocked by Kenya
Soldiers detained WND reporter, quashing announcement of Obama findings

Obama raised $1 million for foreign thug's election

Democrat joined Libya's Gadhafi among top contributors to Odinga

Obama lies in debate about ties to ACORN
Record shows Democrat, group at center of scandal 'old friends'

my Fox Toledo
Former UT law grad sues Obama, questions citizenship

lluminati Films has produced a 10 minute video in which Phil J. Berg is interviewed. Mr. Berg lays out his case in Berg v. Obama, and explains why it is important for the case to be resolved quickly. In his argumentation, Mr. Berg points out that Senator Obama could settle the lawsuit immediately by producing the proper documents to prove Obama is a natural-born citizen as required by our constitution.

Nurse: Obama lied about infanticide in debate

Activist who instigated bill says Democrat 'obfuscated radical record' Gianna ad

In 1999 a gruesome discovery was made that an Illinois hospital was shelving babies to die in a soiled utility room who had survived their abortions.
The Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act was introduced in 2001 to provide legal protection to all born babies, wanted or not, including the right to medical care.
Then-state Senator Barack Obama voted against Born Alive 4 times in 3 years and was the sole senator to speak against it on the Senate floor in 2001 and 2002.
In 2002, the Federal version of Born Alive passed unanimously in the US Senate and by overwhelming voice vote in the House. The pro-abortion group NARAL even went neutral on the bill.
But In 2003, Barack Obama voted against the identical version of Born Alive in Illinois. Then, for the next 4 years he repeatedly misrepresented his vote until it was recently discovered in the IL General Assembly archives.
Explore our website to learn the shocking truth: Senator Obama opposed granting legal recognition to born alive infants as human beings, and thus denied them the guarantee of medical care.
View Barack Obama's Actual Voting Record

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