Monday, November 10, 2008

Brown calls for new world order

First we were laughed at and called conspiracy theorists by media, family, friends and neighbors. We have been meet with anger, ridicule and called crazy. Our schools have been teaching it, Bush 1 said it, Clinton said it, Bush 2 said it, and now Obama will complete it.

Prime Minister Gordon Brown believes the world financial crisis offers the opportunity to establish a "truly global society".

Mr Brown will use a high-profile speech in the City of London to say that Britain, the US and Europe should join together to provide leadership in the creation of a "stronger and more just international order".

He wants this weekend's emergency summit of world leaders in Washington to reach consensus on a new framework for the international financial system, featuring a reformed IMF which will act as a global early-warning system for financial problems, he will say.

The Prime Minister promised to work with US President-elect Barack Obama to build a new global society in which the markets are subjected to morality and ordinary people's interests are put first.
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Time to build new world order: UK PM


Where were the gun owners on election day? If only 50% of gun owners voted, roughly 40 million strong, even vote fraud could not have pushed Obama over the top. If every gun owner in this country voted last week, or close to 100% against Obama, I wouldn't be writing this column.
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