Friday, November 28, 2008

Google 'censoring' anti-Obama bloggers?

Writer claims Internet giant banning stories that expose president-elect
By Chelsea Schilling
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Is Google censoring anti-Obama stories?

Pamela Gellar of Atlas Shrugs claims the search engine giant has banned her groundbreaking articles about Obama – a technique many people refer to as "sandboxing."

"There was no warning, no notice, nothing," Gellar told WND. "They have basically sandboxed me."

"I was in the top five search results before the story got legs," she said. "These stories drove 12,000 to 15,000 people to my site every day."

But now a November earnings report from shows her Google clicks and revenue flat lining since Nov. 20. Daily page impressions dropped from an average of 20,000 and 45,000 to single digits – overnight. Also, her Google images hits are slowed to only 4,720 since that day, while Yahoo and other search engines list them in the hundreds of thousands.

On July 4, Gellar featured a story about a board-certified forensic expert who declared Obama's online birth certificate a "forgery" and an "obvious fake." She attributes most of her problems with Google to that report.

"I think that it's the birth certificate story," Gellar said. "All of the sudden, my numbers were down by 10,000."

Nov. 24 Obama Birth Certificate Forgery Smoking Gun Revealed by Dr. Ron Polarik

The Honorable James David Manning states that Obama has deceived the American people because he has not shown proof of a valid US passport nor valid birth certificate. This was taken from The Temple Hour of Prayer 25 November 2008.

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