Sunday, November 23, 2008

Food banks see more need, fewer donations

Al Brislain, who runs a food bank in Fort Myers, Florida, said the number of his clients has shot up 82 percent in the past two years as construction, the region's primary employer, almost ground to a halt.

"We're getting a lot of first-time callers -- people who are used to paying their mortgage, used to working, used to paying their rent and all of a sudden have lost their jobs or have been faced with increased housing costs," said Anne Wrotniewski, of the Catholic Charities/Brownson House in East Los Angeles.

"For some people it's very difficult to go to a pantry -- it's the straw that breaks the camel's back," said Paule Pachter, director of the Long Island Cares food bank. FULL STORY.

More pleas for food, fewer donations

How many paychecks are you away from Bootstraps?

That's the question Sue Gabriel wants people to ask themselves. As the executive director of Bootstraps Food Pantry in Beverly, Gabriel has seen more people reaching out for help lately, including familiar faces that went from being donors to becoming clients in this year's turbulent economy.

"We're absolutely seeing a dramatic increase in the number of families who need our services at the food pantry," Gabriel said. "The face of our clients has shifted a bit. It's not just very low income any longer. FULL STORY.

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