Friday, November 21, 2008


By Jon Christian Ryter
November 21, 2008

Canada and Mexico have long been tied to the US economy. In 1994, the North American Free Trade Agreement was crafted at the hands of the Democratically-controlled 104th Congress—and the newly-elected Clinton Administration as their quid pro quo to the international money mafia who financed their victory. Both Canada and Mexico thought NAFTA would make them as prosperous as the United States. Mexico, at least, should have known better.

It was also a second-world power that provided the merchant princes of the United States with an unnoticed gateway, through the tariff-free provisions of NAFTA, that would allow US industrialists to export their factories to the People's Republic of China and then import products made in joint ventures between US corporations and the Chinese government through the tariff-free Mexican Port of Lazaro Cardenas. Chinese goods, masquerading as NAFTA goods from Mexico, traveled up the Trans-Texas Corridor to anxious, bargain-hunting, stupid American consumers who still fail to realize that the more Chinese or other third world products they buy the faster their job will be exported to the human capital-rich third world countries which are raising up a new generation of consumers. The discretionary income of these new consumers will come at the expense of US jobs.

What made the United States the unique, dominant nation in the world for over a century was not the strength of our military, it was our industrial strength. The United States was economically self-sustaining. Not only did we have the factories to produce all of consumer goods we needed, we had the factories to build the tools of war whenever this nation faced a military threat. FULL STORY.

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