Friday, November 28, 2008

Did Marc Fellhauer of Detroit WRIF Radio misquote Ambassador Ogego?

Here's what Ambassador Ogego is now saying.

"I'm already infuriated by the whole thing," he said. "The radio itself had a cynicism to it. I didn't mind that, but to misquote me is unacceptable. They are circulating misinformation regarding Mr. Obama's birthplace."

Here's what Marc asked. Listen for your self here.

Fellhauer: "One more quick question, President-elect Obama's birthplace over in Kenya, is that going to be a national spot to go visit, where he was born?"

Ogego: "It's already an attraction. His paternal grandmother is still alive."

Fellhauer: "His birthplace, they'll put up a marker there?"

Ogego: "It would depend on the government. It's already well known."

When asked if birth records for President-elect Obama exist in Kenya, Ogego replied, "I don't know about all that."

WND asked Ogego why Obama's birth records have been sealed.

"Let's not get into that," he replied. "We will not be dragged into unnecessary information. Somebody has a right to those details – the American government or the Kenyan government – if it is that important."

Ogego refused to discuss the matter further and ended the call. FULL STORY.

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