Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Communism v. Free Republic

I can remember growing up our teachers, Pastors, and families would remember to give thanks every Thanksgiving for our Freedoms.

Communism was viewed as something bad, something that would take away our personal liberties and destroy our country. But that’s all in the past now it seems. I talk to my own brothers and sisters who embrace Communism Socialism as something good. They want it. They support it.

Even my older brother who fought in Viet Nam, took an oath to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States from enemies foreign and domestic. Yet he voted for Obama as at least half of my family did.

So when I read articles like this one, it makes me weep.

Teary-eyed communists cheer Obama victory
Celebrate 'biggest political realignment since 1930s … first step toward a new society'

I don’t understand how the attitude of so many in this country could be changed except for the controlled education system today. Our schools no longer teach Civics as part of our children’s education starting in elementary school like I was. It isn’t even taught in high school or college today.

I spoke with a 30 something teacher who lives down the street from me about the lack of education on our founding fathers and the Constitution and she told me that it was after all an old and out dated document anyway. Teachers in the State of Michigan take the same oath as does our military, politicians, police ect. ect.

I believe that this is why the majority of people in this country aren’t concerned about the fact that President Elect Obama isn’t a natural born citizen and not eligible to hold the office of President of the United States according to our Constitution.

Orders from new president to spark lawsuit every time
Lawyer lining up plaintiff groups until citizenship dispute addressed

But then again, most people either don’t know this is being challenged because our Main Stream Media refuses to report on it. So organizations like We The People Foundation must raise money in order to place expensive adds in national News Papers like USA Today like this one. “Open Letter” to Mr. Obama.

So what will we be thankful for this Thanksgiving? The fact that the United States Congress has authorized the Private Central Federal Reserve Bank to have more control of our Monetary System placing even the unborn in debt? We Petitioned Congress under our First Amendment for Redress in 2002 and again in April 2008 only to be laughed at, ridiculed and told by the court that they don’t have to answer us.

So today we watch the Federal Reserve bail out the big Foreign banks operating in this country using our labor as collateral collected by the IRS.

That brings up another problem, Congress also passed all those Free Trade Agreements with China, Japan, Koria, ect. ect., and now our country is bleeding from the loss of manufacturing jobs that have gone overseas for cheep labor. So exactly what is Obama and the Socialists Communists going to do about that? There won’t be any jobs left in this country for organized labor, not counting government workers labor unions, to worry about.

Lets face it, UNICOR Prison Industries employees aren’t allowed to unionize, they aren’t covered by OCIA regulations, they don’t have to file income taxes and Prison Facilities don’t have to pay any Federal, State, or Local taxes including property taxes.

“Federal Prison Industries has become a growth industry. Net sales increased last year from $583 million to $678 million. Imagine that you had constituents in your hometown who worked in the office furniture industry, who worked in the textile industry, who made automotive components, who made a whole series or range of products. Many of these industries are hurting.” House Congressional Record, May 20, 2003

Well, that was in 2003, with our prison population growing each year with legislation that makes everything under the sun criminal, the growing number of unemployed desperate people, Prison Industries will continue it’s growth pattern and have plenty of cheep labor to make the products that our Free and Prosperous nation used to make.

Welcome Communist Socialist America.

Happy Thanksgiving

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