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CNBC's Rick Santelli goes NUTS on Obama's Housing Plan

Today CNBC's Rick Santelli had some strong words about President Obama's new housing plan. Santelli suggested creating a Web site to let Americans vote on the plan and here was his idea

Anti-Porkulus Protest in Seattle

By Byron Dazey
In the fine tradition of dissent that we have been told for eight years is so patriotic, blogger Liberty Belle organized an anti-Porkulus protest in the heart of liberal Seattle. She’s not under any illusions that it will prevent Obama from signing the bill, but it is important that conservatives do some organizing in their community and push back against this and the other spending bills that are sure to follow. And it’s not just conservatives. Liberty Belle started off by emphasizing that this is an issue for everyone regardless of party. Last time I checked we are all stuck with the same economy regardless of political affiliation.

This man’s sign captures the essence of what we are facing. FULL STORY AND PICTURES.

No pitchforks, but angry protesters storm Hoboken City Hall

by Carly
Wednesday December 17, 2008, 8:46 PM

Holding posters and megaphones, an angry mass of about 250 Hoboken residents assembled outside Hoboken City Hall tonight, taunting Mayor Dave Roberts and the City Council and angrily shouting against the recent 47 percent property tax increase. FULL STORY.

Gimme, gimme, gimme: More scenes from the anti-Obama entitlement backlash

By Michelle Malkin • February 19, 2009 12:15 PM

So, a CNBC host is calling for a new “tea party” to protest Barack Obama’s out-of-control spendulus/entitlement culture? We’ve been doing it all week. Seattle, Denver, Mesa. Kansas this weekend. And more outbreaks to come. I’m posting a second round of photos from KFYI’s anti-porkulus protest in Arizona yesterday in opposition to Barack Obama’s visit to push his massive housing entitlement campaign. Thanks to La Mano at Sticker Patch for the pics. The revolt against the savior-based economy continues… FULL STORY.

Anti-stimulus protest staged at Colo. Capitol

By John Ingold
The Denver Post

Protesters chanted, "No more pork!" and a few wore costume pig noses. They waved giant $30,000 novelty checks, representing the amount they said the stimulus would cost individual taxpayers. FULL STORY.


David Beito has brought to light a remarkable and previously unknown chapter of the Great Depression: its tax revolts. They were widespread and systematic, and they made such huge progress in some places that they threatened to bring local and state government to its knees.

Here we have an aggressive resistance to the New Deal, the form of some 1500 anti-tax movements in the United States that formed to resist FDR's looting. It's no wonder historians before Beito completely ignored this great movement.

Beito explores their driving force, the leadership, the ideological basis, their progress and their dealings with the press. He shows how they worked the system to curb tax increases and roll back the taxes in place. ORDER HERE.

Money Falls From Sky In D.C.

I hope everyone here will take a few moments to view the flier and download it. You can either print a few on your home printer or as a local group, have some printed to hand out.

If you belong to a meetup in your area, or some other type of group, please share this flier with them.


America Freedom to Fascism

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