Monday, February 9, 2009

Ron Paul “Can’t Blame Just Democrats - Both Parties Guilty!!!” 2/7/09

by Michael Shanklin

The Senate spending package that was proposed yesterday was backed by both republicans and democrats. Ron Paul discusses how the republicans have also been infiltrated with the Keynesian mindset and how he believes the bill will pass. He also goes on to explain how the Federal Reserve lowering interest rates has created the mess we are in today. In this discussion he brings up inflation and the long-run damage the Federal Reserve System will have on our society.

Peter Schiff ‘”It Is Bullsh!t, Government Propaganda So They Can Crank Up The Printing Press”

by Michael Shanklin

Peter Schiff sounds off on how the Federal Reserve and Federal government have ruined the economy and now call for more government and inflation to “help” put out the fire! Peter Schiff describes our situation as positively correlated to Zimbabwe’s inflation problem but in a massive economy.

We’re the Government — And You’re Not!

by James Cox

What if the U.S. government released an “educational video” to teach today’s Americans how to be good citizens?

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