Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Purse & The Sword

2009 Heritage Research Institute Winter Conference February 19 - 21, 2009

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Imminent Dangers of U.S. Economic and Security Policies

HRI is privileged to present Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr. addressing two of the most pressing issues of our nation:

America’s Economic Crisis - what can and should the government do?

Homeland Security – how the Militia provides our only true security

Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. has practiced law for more than thirty years, with emphasis on constitutional issues. In the Supreme Court of the United States he successfully argued or briefed cases leading to several landmark decisions. He is a regular contributor to, has written numerous monographs and articles in scholarly journals, and lectured throughout the county. His work on money and banking is the two-volume Pieces of Eight: The Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution (2002), the most comprehensive study in existence of American monetary law and history viewed from a constitutional perspective. His book How To Dethrone the Imperial Judiciary (2004) explores the Constitutional remedies for a runaway Federal Court System. His most recent book is Constitutional "Homeland Security," Volume One, The Nation in Arms (2007).

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