Friday, February 13, 2009

Ron Paul with Judge Napolitano, Cody Willard and Peter Schiff

Judge Andrew Napolitano is hosting a new online only show on the Fox News website called “Freedom Watch”

Thanks to Liberty Maven we can listen to the show.

Judge Andrew Napolitano has a brand new (online only for now) show called Freedom Watch on FOX News. The first show was this afternoon. It was a liberty power hour. It brought together the likes of Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Cody Willard, and The Judge for an hour of discussion. Also on the show were Stephen Moore from the WSJ and Alan Colmes from FOX.

The show is going to run weekly each Wednesday at 2pm EST. The show is available at

For now listen to the 60 minutes of audio below. Note that the show doesn’t start until about 2 1/2 minutes in. If you want to miss the banter and opening music then just jump to that point. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

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