Friday, February 13, 2009

De-Clawed Minds

When two weeks ago “Eleison Comments” suggested that any Catholic not believing 9/11 to have been an inside job might be suffering from a “de-clawed Catholicism”, one reader (at least one – probably there were many more) protested vigorously. Undoubtedly he wondered how on earth such a question as what brought down the Twin Towers in New York, or slammed into the Pentagon seven years ago, can possibly bear on his religion.

Firstly, how can a Catholic have so little sense of truth that he can still trust today’s media or politicians? (Heaven help these both. They are only getting away with what the people let them get away with.) Secondly, how can a Catholic have a general belief in what amounts to the crass atheistic materialism of today’s governments and way of life? Thirdly, how on earth can a Catholic judge questions of fact on emotion instead of evidence? My answer to all three questions is, because his Catholicism will have been de-clawed by the Protestantism, liberalism and modernism which pollute virtually all minds today.
Kyrie eleison. FULL STORY.

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