Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I've been called to jury duty. Everything you need to know about Jury Duty.

I've been called to jury duty. What do I do? This is a great Question and Answer course on what to do when you receive a summons to jury duty. Fore more information see Fully Informed Jury Association. Or Call 1-800-Tel-Jury. 1-800-835-5879.

As Executive Director of the Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA) Iloilo Jones has made it her mission to educate Americans regarding their full powers as jurors. She has been a human rights activist for most of her life and her work at FIJA is just a small part of her goal to make sure everyone is aware of their own human rights.rrow.

History of Jury

How A Jury Is Chosen: Jury History

Why Everybody Wants Out

Jury Duty Excuses And Exemptions

Jury Summons

Reporting For Jury Duty

Jury Selection

Jury Restrictions

Jury Service During The Trial

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Anonymous said...

"Jury nullification is a de facto and traditional power of juries, not normally disclosed to jurors by the system when they are instructed as to rights and duties. The power of jury nullification derives from an inherent quality of most modern common law systems—a general unwillingness to inquire into jurors' motivations during or after deliberations." - Wikipedia

What should one do? Attend. If selected, be mindful of your jury's authority to exercise jury nullification.