Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Obama Admits 'Mistake' in Handling of Daschle Nomination

This was not a "MISTAKE", this was a huge slap in the face to every American. If Daschle wasn't an elite politician, if Daschle was one of us common folks, he would be facing Criminal Charges in Federal Court where due process and a defense doesn't exist.

Obama Admits 'Mistake' in Handling of Daschle Nomination
FOXNews - 59 minutes ago
President Obama tells FOX News he takes responsibility for the handling of Tom Daschle's Cabinet nomination; he also says he's standing firm on a Feb. 16 deadline for the economic stimulus.

David Beito has brought to light a remarkable and previously unknown chapter of the Great Depression: its tax revolts. They were widespread and systematic, and they made such huge progress in some places that they threatened to bring local and state government to its knees.

Continuing The Revolution: Peacefully Restoring Constitutional Order

The Government refuses to provide Redress to the People's First Amendment Petitions for violations of the Constitution

The U.S. Government has abandoned
the Rule of Law as defined by the People
via the Constitution.

The numerous crises currently confronting our Republic are not the result of poor political policies. These evils are the direct result of decades of violations of the U.S. Constitution by our servant Government.

In defiance of the natural Sovereignty of the People,
the Government has steadfastly, and repeatedly, ignored the Petitions of the People seeking Redress for these most egregious violations of their Fundamental Rights and cherished Freedoms.

The tide of history is upon us. Our Liberty may soon be forever lost unless the People rise quickly, peacefully and forcefully to restore Constitutional Order to the Republic.

Thankfully, our Founders left us a powerful, but little-known weapon in the Law to peacefully secure Redress without relying upon fixed elections, corrupted courts or resorting to the exercise of the Right of Revolution embodied by the Second Amendment.

It's time to get organized and exercise this profound Constitutionally protected Right.
Acta non verba.

Click for the "Constitutional Crisis in a Nutshell"

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