Thursday, January 21, 2010

Arizona Conservatives To Palin - "Stay Away"

TheSarahPalinBlog@GMail.Com mailbox was filled with still more emails from Republicans in Arizona who do not want Sarah Palin to come to their state in April and campaign for John McCain prior to the Republican primary.

That being said, I give you a sampling of today's emails:

I don't expect you to respond to this, but are you bloody serious? I had so much hope for you, what happened? Sen McCain is exactly what is WRONG with the Republican Party! This is an enormous mistake, you are falling into a RINO trap.

I can't help but to feel we are all being duped once again. Too bad. - Benjamin

Campaigning for John McCain puts you in the camp of Politics as usual. I am very disappointed in your decision. Sorry. - Molly


My heart sank today as news spread of your coming to AZ to campaign for McCain. Why are you not supporting Jim Deakin, a true conservative? He is a honest, ex-military, small business man with three daughters and a loving wife.

AZ is tired of McCain, tired of his liberal ways of reaching across the isle. You are not doing America or Arizona a favor by supporting McCain. He has served his country but has out served his welcome. - Rick


Please! You have a large and good fan base here in AZ. But I have read so many negative comments about your decision to campaign with him here in AZ. He is so unpopular here and we (grassroots folks, tea partiers) are working so very hard to keep him from even being on the ballot.

This is so definitely the time in life that he should retire. We are going to be the Scott Brown Tsunami in AZ in getting him out and we don't want you anywhere near the fallout. He has been known to get down and dirty when he doesn't get his way. We here in AZ have known and had to deal with Mr. McCain for a lot more years than you have known him, so believe me when we tell you these things. - Rolda


We grass root Conservatives here in Arizona would ask that you not do any campaigning for John McCain until AFTER our Republican Primary! It would be unseemly for you to enter the fray when it should be the citizens of Arizona who choose their Party's candidate. Think Sarah, how would you feel if, say, McCain came barging up to Alaska to throw his support behind a moderate Rep. running against you in your Primary. Give him all the support you choose AFTER we, the Republican people of AZ, decide who we want to represent us.

It seems that you told us that you were going to get behind CONSERVATIVES? Well, we who know John McCain and his past history like a book, know that John only acts like a Conservative during re-election time. - Jack FULL STORY

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