Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jail For Jesus Christ

Ron Branson, founder of JAIL4Judges.org, has just been released from imprisonment. Just before going in, he sat before a television camera and spoke about his forthcoming incarceration.

He was convicted of driving without a driver's license, however, he was prevented from putting on his own defense as to why the charge was brought against him.

Branson has applied numerous times at various California DMV Offices for the renewal of his driver's license, but he was forbidded from renewing his driver's license because the state now requires a Social Security Number which is a religion of humanism. Humanism is officially defined as a religion of the deification of mankind as the master of his own destiny, and the captain of his own ship, which religion is from the god of this world.

Jail For Jesus Christ from fftmike on Vimeo.

In Michigan, it is now mandatory that every person provide a Social Security Number or they will be denied their RIGHT to travel.

Motor Carrier Fuel Tax Act (excerpted)
Act of 403 of 2000
204.1004 Definitions; K to P.

Sec. 4.
(k) “Public roads or highways” means a road, street, or place maintained by this state or a political subdivision of this state and generally open to use by the public as a matter of right for the purpose of vehicular travel, notwithstanding that they may be temporarily closed or travel restricted for the purpose of construction, maintenance, repair, or reconstruction.” (emphasis added)

When I tried to renew my drivers license without a Social Security Number in 2008, I received this letter back from Anne Corgan, Director of Legal and Regulatory Services Administration, Michigan Department of State.

In this letter it states:

"As you may know, the Department of State filed a lawsuit challenging the federal law that requires the Department to collect social security numbers on dirver's license applications. Unfortunately, the United States District Court dismissed our complaint. Therefore, the Department does not have a choic in this matter. If we do not collect social security numbers, the State will lose nearly $1 BILLION in federal child support collection money."

It is the duty of our State and Federal Representatives to protect our INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS one of which is PRIVACY. Not only are we being forced to pay Federal and State Taxes to support someone else's irresponsible behavior, but the States are violating our Rights in the process.

I do not have any dependent children and neither do other senior citizens. Yet, we are being forced to put our Identity at risk of being stolen and forced to comply under DURESS or loose our Right to Travel.


Captain Sweetness said...

By applying for the license, you volunteer to turn your right to travel into a privilege. Driving, traffic, driver, motor vehicle, etc are all terms in commerce. Using the public highways for profit or gain is commercial, and therefore requires a license. Private travelling does not. Release and terminate your Operator's License and cancel your plates/registration as all are evidence of commercial activity. Just look at your registration, it says Commercial Vehicles on it.

Rose said...

Well Captain,

I know all that, I also know those here in Michigan who have tried to fight it. Guess what? They all loose.

So, until we have enough people who are educated in Jury Duty, I'll fight it my way. By signing "Under Duress" "All Rights Reserved without prejudice."

Captain Sweetness said...

I doubt anyone who lost actually went through with releasing and terminating their contracts w/ the state of MI, although I wouldn't put it past any court to ignore the law and punish them anyway.

Please check out SEDM.org and famgaurdian.org for more info on the methods to develop a strong position against the state/feds on these issues.

You should also add "UCC1-308" to your all rights reserved and "Non-assumpsit", which means no party should assume that you agree to any hidden adhesion contracts.

Adding "Under duress" is great as it (assuming the court is following the rules) renders any instrument inadmissible as evidence, i.e. the ticket the cop gave you.

Rose said...

What I have is a Constructive Notice and Demand Noticing the State that Per their agreement with SS they only have authority to demand a SS# from state employees.

Suzie Q said...

I renewed my drivers license last year. I saw a spot for SSN. I refused to fill it in. I figured that if I turned in my application and it was denied, too bad. I really bristled at giving my SSN for a drivers license.

So, I wondered what would happen. I turned it in with that field blank. They issued my drivers license. I don't remember ever giving my SSN before - in fact it's been probly 4 years since I renewed.

What happened??

Did God protect me??

Or did they already have the SSN??

I got angry once when I was taped speaking at a church - because no one informed me I would be videotaped. (It was righteous indignation.) I walked by the video camera and gave it a holy anger look. lol My friends wanted the tape of me the next day. When they called, they were told that the camera had malfunctioned. The entire tape was blank. (Never happened before.)

And, then recently, I got angry because cameras were installed at a stop sign I go by. Just installed. I looked up at those cameras in holy anger demanding they come down. (I was going to protest, etc.) Well, I went back - they were down.

I'm honestly a miracle worker. So, when things happen by the force of my holy will - I sometimes wonder if it's God - or if it's coincidence.

I literally work miracles - it's my primary spiritual gift - and soon I will minister and release miracle working power beyond anything currently ministering.

I always wonder when I get angry in a holy way and things "go my way" as I will - was that a miracle?? Was that God divinely intervening?? Or just coincidence??

Like, when God divinely intervenes and someone is miraculously instantaneously healed - I know that's a positive miracle.

But I often wonder when I get holy anger and say, "NO!" if it has miracle working power.

So... what up?? Did they already have my SSN?? Did they ask before 2008?? Or did I "slip through the cracks"??

(Now I'm curious. If you had miracles happen all the time around you - you might be too.)


Jesus turned the water into wine by His will without speaking. My holy in Christ spiritual will has miracle working power - just does because that's one of my gifts.