Wednesday, January 13, 2010


by Tom DeWeese
January 13, 2010

In recent years Americans have become more and more alarmed at the lack of adherence to the U.S. Constitution exercised by Congress and other elected representatives. The list of violations has grown large indeed.

Some have tried to fight the violations through the election process, attempting to remove those representatives who have perpetrated them. Others have tried to fight infringing legislation as it is introduced. Still others have fought in the courts, attempting to defend liberties in front of judges who have sworn to uphold the Constitution.

To date, little has worked as many elected representatives and court rooms openly defy the Constitution, calling it antiquated. Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court announce that they now look to international law for precedence and guidance, rather than the Constitution. Government at all levels is growing ever further from the reach of the people. In such a growing desperate situation is it possible to restore the Republic to the vision of the Founding Fathers?

What happens now to the tireless efforts of delegates? The work has only just begun, as each member of Congress and each state legislature will be personally presented with a copy of the Articles of Freedom as the demands of the People. It is, of course, expected that most officials will again ignore the documents.

That’s why the most important work will be to get the Articles of Freedom into the hands of millions of Americans across the nation, asking them to join the effort to bring pressure on Congress for action. The Continental Congress 2009 intends to enjoin a critical mass of at least 15million Americans to sign the Articles of Freedom. The documents will be used to give the TEA Party rallies a specific goal. Candidates for office, hoping to gain the support of the recharged freedom movement will be asked to sign the Articles of Freedom as their pledge to uphold the Constitution if elected. FULL STORY

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Suzie Q said...

I was rather hoping it was a continental congress in order to create a declaration of independence and a new constitution for a new nation. ;)