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Obama’s “Green Jobs” Go to Prison Slaves

Don't let the title of this article fool you.
It isn't about Obama.
This has been going on for SEVEN (7) decades.

Have you ever wondered why State and Federal legislators keep passing laws making everything under the sun illegal? Today the United States of America, "Home of the Brave, Land of the Free???", has the highest inmate prison population in the world?

Yes, we have some bad people, but the MAJORITY, of prisoners are those who have harmed no one. They are the VICTIMLESS criminals. Not Murders, Rapists, Thieves, like you would expect. Real criminals don't make good prison employees. Real criminals don't respect authority and won't work for the government. Yet all Congressman Camp and Hoekstra are concerned about is that private companies get A CHANCE to bid on these jobs.
January 14, 2010

US Congressman Dave Camp (R) speaks about federal prison inmates that are taking Green Jobs out of the regular workforce. These prisoners make $0.23 an hour, these jobs are putting workers in Greenville, Michigan out of work.

The prison industry in the United States: big business or a new form of slavery?

Vicky Pelaez
Global Research
El Diario-La Prensa, New York
March 10, 2008

Human rights organizations, as well as political and social ones, are condemning what they are calling a new form of inhumane exploitation in the United States, where they say a prison population of up to 2 million – mostly Black and Hispanic – are working for various industries for a pittance. For the tycoons who have invested in the prison industry, it has been like finding a pot of gold. They don’t have to worry about strikes or paying unemployment insurance, vacations or comp time. All of their workers are full-time, and never arrive late or are absent because of family problems; moreover, if they don’t like the pay of 25 cents an hour and refuse to work, they are locked up in isolation cells. FULL STORY

[ Page: H4360 ] May 20, 2003

"Mr. Speaker, tonight I want to spend a few minutes talking about one of the fastest growing companies in America today. It pays its workers somewhere between 23 cents an hour and $1.15 an hour. It has a wide array of products. It pays no Federal taxes, it pays no State or local taxes. As I said, it is one of the fastest growing companies in America today."

'Well, let me tell you that the company that is the fast growing company is called Federal Prison Industries. The customer is the American taxpayer as represented by the Federal Government. The company is called Federal Prison Industries. Its other name is UNICOR, and this is UNICOR's annual report for 2002, which was just released."

"Some may say this is what it means to create high-quality, high-paying jobs in America. But for these 21,779 workers it means being paid at a rate of 23 cents to $1.15 an hour. Not a bad deal. Not a bad deal for the Federal prisons, but a terrible deal for the workers at Hathaway Shirts; a terrible deal for that community in Maine that now has a factory whose doors have been padlocked, that has lost revenue in the tax base."

The jurors have two main duties. First, they must determine from the evidence what the facts are. Second, they must take the law stated in the court's instructions, apply it to the facts and decide whether the facts prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt. See Sparf v. United States, 156 U.S. 51, 102-07 (1895); Starr v. United States, 153 U.S. 614, 625 (1894).

The jurors have the power to ignore the court's instructions and bring in a not guiltyverdict contrary to the law and the facts. Horning v. District of Columbia, 254 U.S. 135, 138, 41S.Ct. 53, 54, 65 L.Ed. 185 (1920).

But they should not be told by the court that they have this power. United States v. Krzyske, 836 F.2d 1013, 1021 (6th Cir.), cert. denied, 488 U.S. 832, 109S.Ct. 89, 102 L.Ed.2d 65 (1988); United States v. Avery, 717 F.2d 1020, 1027 (6th Cir.1983), cert. denied, 466 U.S. 905, 104 S.Ct. 1683, 80 L.Ed.2d 157 (1984); United States v. Burkhart,501 F.2d 993, 996-997 (6th Cir.1974), cert. denied, 420 U.S. 946, 95 S.Ct. 1326, 43 L.Ed.2d 424(1975).

They should instead be told that it is their duty to accept and apply the law as given to them by the court. United States v. Avery, supra at 1027.

Have you had enough yet? Are you willing to stand up and put a stop to this yet?

Here's a Tea Party Slogan that should be at every Rally.


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