Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oakland Press pens hit piece against tea party protesters

Apparently, any tea party protester that protests in front of a Michigan business is being unpatriotic or something. Worse yet, the Oakland Press doesn't even know what the protest actually protested. From the OP came this editorial hit piece: EDITORIAL: Protesting auto show not wise decision in Michigan .

Initially, I didn't know what they were talking about. Who protested the auto show? Then I started reading. They came right out insinuating that the tea party protest on Monday of which I was a part (Report from the Tea Party in front of the Auto Show at the Cobo Center in Detroit (with video)) was protesting the auto makers! Good grief - have these editors contacted anyone from that tea party? Were they even there? No and no:

There was a protest Monday at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit reportedly by members of the national Tax Day Tea Party.
The demonstrators were unhappy with the millions of dollars in aid spent by the government to steer General Motors Co. through its bankruptcy plan.

Uh - this sure is different than their headline, no? No protest of the auto show after all. The protest was at the auto show. Tea party protesters showed up specifically on Monday because Nancy Pelosi and others of our Congressional master class were coming to town to be given a private, red carpet, VIP, taxpayer-funded tour of the auto show. No 'little people' were invited. The protest was against unconstitutional federal government expansion, of which the bailouts were a part. See here: FULL STORY

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