Saturday, January 23, 2010

Michigan Needs To Abolish Friend Of The Court

Carol Rhodes Former FOC Enforcement Officer

Former FOC case worker and supervisor tells her story and the story of the FOC.

Shocking Radio Interview of Robert Pedersen and
Carol Rhodes on
KRights Radio with Richar Farr Click Here

Under MCL 600.8381 (1)(b) pads the Michigan State Legislators and Judges Retirement funds.

600.181 Justice system fund; creation; use; disposition; investment; distributions.

Sec. 181.

(1) The justice system fund is created in the state treasury. The money in the fund shall be used as provided in this section.

iv) To the secretary of the legislative retirement system for deposit with the state treasurer in the retirement fund created in the Michigan legislative retirement system act, 1957 PA 261, MCL 38.1001 to 38.1080, 1.2% of the fund balance.

(vii) To the state court fund created in section 151a, 14.3% of the fund balance.

(viii) To the court equity fund created in section 151b, 25.55% of the fund balance. ( Judges Retirement Fund)

Senator Bishop why is the Senate under your leadership fast tracking bills that are bad for families and increasing the control of FOC and family courts. When I talked with you on Mackinaw Island you assured me that you understood the issues with the FOC and would fight to change this. Should the Family Rights groups look to another canadate to support for the AG in 2010? The first round of bills passed thru the Senate were set to make it easier for the FOC to remove Drivers Lic. and I have proof of thier tactics and admittance that this likely makes it hard to parent. Stop allowing the Seante to destroy our families.

The FOC has a conflict of interest in every case they are involved in based on Federal funding of Title IV maybe it is time the people of MI see what makes the courts seem so broken. FOC can suspend Drivers License.

Hearing from Sept 10 to suspend Lic

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