Monday, September 14, 2009

ACORN Exposed — Again

Hidden camera caught ACORN workers in Baltimore and D.C. advising 'pimp' and 'prostitute' how to cheat the government to open a brothel — now they're exposed again, this time in NYC

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MichiganFreedom said...

Does the Constitution prohibit prostitution? . This video shows some people saying 'Here's how to make an honest contract'. They're not showing someone trying to cheat the public or judging morality. They're talking about someone trying to obtain a home (although, with the money being discussed a home could be purchased with cash very easily, and with the obvious intelligence in the mans speech, it's amazing they weren't suspicious). Are you opposed to anyone having a home? There's a tendency in the liberty movement to inject morality into the Constitution, but Republic and control of morality don't mix beyond punishing harm to others. Aren't we supposed to be about freedom and private property? Don't let certain practices of institutions that further socialism bias you to all of their actions and thus cause the expression of your views to become diluted and ridiculed by the uninformed. Practice your morality for yourself and let others theirs. Jesus never said 'Follow my teaching, or else'. He stressed love and natural consequences of chosen actions.