Friday, September 4, 2009

Not Enough Work to Go Around This Labor Day

It seems that here in Michigan, WE ARE IN A WAR. Oh Rose, what are you on your soap box about now? Well, it's no secret that Michigan has lost probably the most jobs of any state in the union. We have the highest unemployment rate in the nation. We have lost the most people per capita from the privet job sector of any state.

by Mike Larson 09-04-09

Home prices have plunged so far that buyers are tentatively stepping back into the housing market again …

And government largesse in the form of “Cash for Clunkers” giveaways has helped spur a rebound in auto sales …

But one major obstacle to a truly widespread economic recovery remains: Jobs!

Without gainful employment, you can be as earnest as all get out. You still aren’t going to be the catalyst for a powerful rebound. And unfortunately, all too many Americans just can’t find work.

Bottom line: All the multi-billion dollar bailouts, bank rescues, Fat Cat handouts, and other aid efforts from Washington have succeeded in buoying stocks and credit markets …

But they haven’t created jobs! FULL STORY

Ok, so what's the beef? Wellllllll.

Michigan, that is the CORPORATE STATE OF MICHIGAN, you know, the people the state hires to police, patrol, sit behind desks, and tell us how to live our lives and run our business, if we can add a deck to our house, own a dog, properly take care of our children, and lets not forget the COURT APPOINTED ATTORNEYS, I like to call them the "WELFARE RECIPIENTS OF THE LEGAL SOCIETY, ect...ect...ect.

It turns out that as we celebrate LABOR DAY, these Michigan government UNION EMPLOYEES will be out marching in parades, telling us how great they are. WHY? Be cause they want us to keep paying them to IGNOR THE FACT THAT THEIR JOB VIOLATES ALMOST EVERY ONE OF OUR RIGHTS. And we pay them handsomely for it along with all those wonderful benefits they get. As a matter of fact, they get better benefits than you guys who are still working for PRIVATE TAX PAYING COMPANIES.

No wonder everyone want's to work for US.

Take a look at what the NEA National Education Association or Teachers Union contracts.

Mackinac Center Posts Hundreds of New School Employee Union Contracts Online

And that's only Teachers. What about all the SOS employees, Friend of the court employees, Health and Human Services employees, Welfare Social Worker employees, and the many other departments under the guise of state employee status that we pay that really aren't necessary or Constitutional? At least Teachers and Sherifs are necessary. So why are we just focusing on these guys at the Mackinac Center? Good question Right?

Here's another one.


As their tax revenues fall, some local politicians will simply vote to raise property taxes. Others need to ask voters to approve higher taxes because they already tax at the maximum rate permitted without a vote of the people. These local officials will carefully select the most obscure election day possible to place the tax hike on the ballot, hoping that government employees will vote while most citizens remain unaware.


Even if voters defeat these tax hikes, you still lose. Why? Because nearly every school district and city hall is locked into unbelievably generous contracts with government employee labor unions. These contracts guarantee expensive perks that ordinary citizens would never imagine.

For example, many government employees are allowed to retire at an early age (age 50 in some communities). Other government employee benefits include platinum-clad health care (some plans even cover massages) and paid vacation days far beyond what's affordable in the private sector.

In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, local school and government employees enjoy benefits that cost almost twice as much as the benefits of the average full-time private-sector worker. Not to mention far better job security and higher wages. FULL STORY

At least we are now including all government employees.

But the MEA (Michigan Education Association is on the attack. Good thing that Julie Mack is on top of this one.

MEA cooks health-coverage numbers to the boiling point

So I'm truly flummoxed by the MEA's new report that purports to show that Michigan schools spend less per employee than private companies for health insurance.

The MEA didn't just cook the numbers in this report. They made the pot boil over.

Did they think nobody would notice? That nobody would actually look at the footnotes to see how they did their analysis? That nobody would call them out?

I noticed. I read the footnotes.

I'm calling them out. FULL STORY

The truth is that these Unions have gone to far. Like any organization, government or club, sooner or later it becomes so demanding and forgets why it organized in the first place, that it becomes a burden to society. So here's a message to all you government employee union members for this LABOR DAY.


So go in peace, join the rest of us, you know the underprivileged unemployed. We don't want your solution of government controlled health care because you feel guilty for taking the food off our tables to support you and your family. Go in peace and start a private business and prosper. Just do us one small favor, START YOUR BUSINESS THE WAY WE DO, WITHOUT FEDERAL GRANT MONEY. DON'T PUT MY GRANDCHILDREN IN DEBT BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO IMAGINATION.

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