Thursday, September 17, 2009

Activist urges gathering to defend U.S. Constitution

By Nok-Noi Ricker
BDN Staff

BANGOR, Maine — Activist Robert Schulz was in town Saturday to educate area residents about the United States Constitution and their rights as citizens to hold state and congressional leaders accountable for their actions regarding the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

“The Constitution doesn’t defend itself,” he said. “It doesn’t get defended unless we the people defend it.”

We The People has filed around 20 petitions to redress grievance with the federal government since 1995 over a variety of constitutional issues such as the Patriot Act and the recent capital bailout of insurance giant AIG.

“This is all a part of the record we’ve established for 14 years,” Schulz said.

Carter Jones of Aurora, a member of the 912 Coalition who attended the meeting, said the “petitions are just more evidence that the government is not listening to the people and the Constitution is flagrantly being violated.” FULL STORY

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