Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Freedom Rally Draws Crowd to Riverfront Park

Hundreds of local residents showed up at the Kittanning Riverfront Park for what organizers termed a Freedom Rally.

“If you love your country, you are a patriot,” Master of Ceremonies Darrin Donelly said during opening remarks sporting a Bible and extolling the virtue of carrying guns. We stand together for the things that matter.”

Al Linsey, Jr., a criminal defense attorney from Butler, began his speech by reading an obituary of a 115-year-old woman who died last week. “The obit began ‘Although she liked her bacon crispy, and her chicken fried…’” Linsey said. “Obesity costs emerge as a major concern. Pretty soon it shall be a crime in this country to be obese and they will ban bacon. If you think this government will give you healthcare and not tell us how heavy we should be or what we shall eat, dream on. There are those who think they know better than we do and want to run our lives for us. Wait until it is a crime to possess bacon.”

Linsey then surprised the audience with his comparison. “Bacon is probably worse for you than marijuana and yet we spend millions of dollars locking up people for using marijuana. If we quit processing people for doing what they want, what would we do with all these jails we are building? There are too many people who have too much interest in it to stop this kind of thing.”

“We should ask two questions: ‘Is this really a proper government function?’ and ‘Can government actually regulate it by a measurable means to do us good?’” Linsey said.

“We need to have a paradigm shift. We have been conditioned to look to government to solve our problems. If enough of people write about anything, they will do it to get the votes. If government does something for you, you will be worse off. It is so easy to take from the government. A government who can give you anything can take away everything.” FULL STORY

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