Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Storm the Castle!

Time: September 30, 2009 at 2pm to October 1, 2009 at 12:15am

Location: Lansing, outside the Capital

Street: I'll try to find the address.

Event Type: storm, the, castle, if, a, budget, has, not, been, reached, with, no, new, taxes

Organized By: Tina Dupont

From Jack Hoodendyke with Americans for Prosperity.

There is a way to stop them. May I suggest the following courses of action:

Stay informed. Two years ago, I was blogging up-to-the-minute reports on the process from the floor of the House. Nearly 2,500 readers stayed up past midnight to read every post. Most of them were telling me to "shut 'er down." This year, I encourage every conservative blogger in Michigan to converge on Lansing on the 30th. Sit in the gallery of the House and the Senate and blog to the world the blow-by-blow events. Make sure all your followers know instantly if there is a proposal to raise taxes. I will likely be blogging from the gallery

Watch the proceedings live on your computer. Go to Michigan Government TV (MGTV). Legislative sessions are usually streamed live.

Call, write, email, fax...flood the legislature with communications that expresses your opposition to more taxes and fees on your family, your business, your community to pay for their fiscally irresponsible ways. Here are the House and Senate links.

"Storm the Castle." Come to Lansing Wednesday night and stand outside the capitol with your home made signs. Let them know what you think. Every day, the taxpayer-funded lobbyists are calling, visiting, buying coffee and lunch for lawmakers to convince them "not to cut MY budget." Now you need to lobby them not to cut YOUR budget. Because if your taxes
go up, that's exactly what will happen. (Stay tuned for announcements of a rally to take place, if needed.) Who knows? Maybe they will settle this over the weekend; maybe they will pass a "continuation" budget, which is essentially kicking the problem down the road. But, if we get
to Wednesday without a settlement, you may be needed in Lansing!

Joan Fabiano
Lansing,MI Tea Party
Grassroots in Michigan

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