Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Removing Your Social Security Number from Court Files

Oakland County, Michigan

The Oakland County Identity Taskforce is pleased to present a pilot that will allow the public to remove sensitive, personal identifiers, including Social Security numbers from their court file(s), if the SSN was filed prior to March of 2006*. There is no fee associated with this process.

If you have had a case in the Oakland County Circuit Court and believe personal information may be in your file, you need to follow the steps listed below:

You must review your file(s) at the Oakland County Clerk's Office, located at 1200 N. Telegraph Rd, Pontiac MI 48341. The Clerk's Office is not responsible for reviewing files on behalf of the public to identify sensitive information.

Files are the property of Oakland County Circuit Court and may not be removed from the County Clerk's Office. Copies are available for $1 per page.

While reviewing your file, determine if there are any sensitive personal identifiers.

Fill out the Notice of Presence of SSN in Court Documents Form, making sure to note the name and date of the document and location of the personal information in the court file.

Submit the form to the Oakland County Clerk's Office, including a self-addressed stamped envelope for the return of processed documents.

Note: Not all requests will be granted and portions of requests may also be denied depending on court rule, law and/or statute.

For more information, please contact the Oakland County Clerk's Office at (248) 858-0582, or send an email to clerklegal@oakgov.com.

*Documents filed after March 2006 that contain SSN's must follow the designated Supreme Court process defined by Administrative Order 2006-2.


Angry Citizen said...

Sorry, but its NOT YOUR SSN!
It is property of the US Federal Government. If they want it, tell them to get it from them, as it says not to be used as ID. They are trying to use it as ID.

Ive done this several times, with various groups and it works, but ya gotta be a real prick.

Mrs. Jones said...

I feel its a good thing to use the SSN and an ID; take in the fact that I have one of the most common names in the US.
The State of Mississippi and The United States Military, all use SSN as a personal I.D. I feel if you want to be set apart from the people who dont have SSN (illegal's)then happily give them the number.

Rose said...

Mrs. Jones, you have every right to disclose your SS# any time you want.

I object to being threatened by denial of a job, medical treatment, insurance, or bank account if I don't use this number to identify myself.

Here in Michigan, the Wyoming Secretary of State's office was raided by the AG for falsifying documents. When I wrote to the SOS and asked if they would guarantee that by giving them my SS#, my identify would not be at risk of being stolen.

They couldn't and wouldn't. They only guarantee who they MIGHT share it with.

So Mrs. Jones, as I said, you have the right to disclose any information about yourself that you are comfortable with, but don't force us to do the same just because you don't know any better.