Sunday, September 13, 2009

Your Lies Aren't Working Any More

By Iloilo Marguerite Jones, Executive Director of Fully Informed Jury Association and writes articles for

To all the Politicians and others paid with stolen tax dollars (and to those who have been their victims, too):

We learn, pretty much while we are still children, that telling lies doesn't work very well at getting us what we want. After getting caught a few times telling lies about our cookie-eating habits, or about who really broke the window with the baseball, we figure out that we might as well take the medicine for our mistakes, missteps, misdeeds, and for all our just plain old messes. We learn — sometimes because we are punished, and sometimes because being honest is better received than we had anticipated. As children, we all hear about George and the cherry tree. As children, we all hear about the boy who cried wolf. And we hear about the wolf disguised as Grandma. We learn that lies and crime do not pay.

These lessons, whether from fairy tales or from our own young life experiences, teach us the objective value of honesty: you cannot go wrong by telling the truth, no matter how much you don't want to tell the truth.

These days, almost every time I open a link sent by someone who laughs at the follies of government bureaucrats and politicians, it is a link to some hilarious video, such as ,

It's about politician lying, or about cops and military smacking people around in an attempt to protect their buddies from these lies. Lies about where the money goes. Lies about what the future holds.

What happened? What happened to the people who hold all these political offices, that they don't get it that the lies aren't working any more?

In Austin, Texas, when some political types showed up to soft-sell the health care plan, one politician made the mistake of citing the Veteran's Administration as an example of how wonderful national healthcare could be. Wrong. Veterans in the audience tried to tell this politician how bad the VA system is: a known, openly discussed fact among almost anyone who has had contact as a patient with the VA medical system clearly knows how broken the vast majority of this system has become. The stories, investigations, disgruntlement, and horrible results are legion. Yet, this same politician, in spite of being faced with first-hand accounts of the problems with the VA system, and no matter that even the most power-damaged bureaucrats are sometimes forced to admit to the ineptitude of the VA system, this politician stood there in front of everyone, and as petulantly and stubbornly as a small child who refuses to give up the Easter Bunny, commented that he was still proud of the VA system. If you want to be highly amused watching the evidence that politicians have not figured out that the lies aren't working any more, go take a look–and have a laugh. FULL STORY

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