Tuesday, April 13, 2010

April 15th Tax Day Rally Lansing Michigan


Last Thursday "Articles of Freedom" booklets were delivered to the offices of Governor, Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Speaker of the House, Senate Majority Leader and about 24 other major player legislators. 
This Thursday April 15, (tax day) we need help delivering same to hopefully the rest of our legislators, and members of the Supreme Court.  If we need another day, we will finish up on Monday April 19.  If you can make the trip to Lansing, your assistance will be most graciously appreciated.

Contact Rick Butkowski at 734-673-6032
or Trish Kraus at 734-637-4720 

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An idea of what we will be doing:
Upon entering the office, we used our brief introductions to also find out if the legislative aid or chief-of-staff were available in lieu of the legislator himself or herself. Subsequently, we asked (and were nearly always provided) with a place we might go to sit for moment to share with them the purpose of our visit, which we explained was to provide them with the all-important results of that hard work in St. Charles,  Illinois last November 11-22nd.
Once inside their office we explained to them that the Articles were a list of grievances, set into 15 separate "articles", many of which have been repeatedly brought before government officials and the judiciary only to be stonewalled, left unanswered, and with pronouncements by federal judges that the People have no "standing" to receive answers (despite having the first amendment right to "redress"). We did NOT get into what these Articles were. We only allowed them to browse through the pages while we explained to them how the Table of Contents were laid out to list the separate articles as the "grievances" and with the subsections under each article dedicated to remedial "suggestions" for our federal and state legislators, and for the People themselves to follow so as to assist our legislators in curbing the unconstitutional practices of all three branches of government. (We used examples of such unconstitutional practices if they came to mind but did NOT cover any of the remedial instructions.)
We emphasized that the suggestions in the Articles is not a "one size fits all" and that anyone reading them might have disagreements with some while finding favor with others. We emphasized that we were looking for a "considered review" and feedback to their reading these Articles by providing us with their thoughts about how we may work with them to better our government. We provided them with our best contact information (by one person only in the group - Rick Butkowski) by his business card (explaining that the business card itself was not affiliated with the CC2009 or the Articles of Freedom).
Finally, before leaving we requested that they sign their name and print their name on a log of names of recipients for each of the named legislative officials. We did not provide a timeline for follow up but reassured them that a follow up was expected and while welcoming them to share the Articles far and wide.

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