Sunday, April 11, 2010

West Michigan Tea Party - River Side Park in Grand Rapids

Tea party ends swing through Michigan in Clinton Township

Police in Grand Rapids said they didn't have an official estimate of how many people turned out for a rally Saturday. The Grand Rapids Press and WOOD-TV reported it numbered in the thousands.

"Most citizens in his district feel betrayed by his decision (to vote in favor of the federal health care package) and it's probably the honorable thing for him to do to step down and retire," Wendy Day of Howell, director of Michigan Citizens for Healthcare Freedom and a Michigan tea party activist, told the News. "The tea party movement has so much energy behind it (that) we're seeing what the movement is capable of." FULL STORY

Chris Hansen from dateline's "To Catch a Predator" was even there with his own camera crew interviewing people, looking for someone who would say they were angry. Instead, this NRA member told Chris Hansen he wasn't angry, but he was concerned about the direction our country was going in.

Tea Party Express brings out 
The Tea Party Express at Grand Rapids River Side Park saturday. Those who attended numbered somewhere between 2 to 3 thousand. (Tea Party photos by Susan Sasak)

Here's perhaps the best message we can send to Congress. Until Congress feels the need to answer our Petitions of Redress, our state and local Representative's respond to the Articles of Freedom to be served on April 19th, (Volunteers Needed), we should all be sending this message.

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