Monday, April 26, 2010

White House to Arizona "Your Messing Everything Up!"

Wow. Maybe we should all move to Arizona. It seems that at least the people they elect listen to the voters. So what does that say about the rest of us? Well, I think that Chris Hansen explained that best last night on his new show. "What Were You Thinking?"

You've seen him in action on the Vegas Strip. You've seen him confronting crooked lottery clerks. But this time, it's no crime: Get ready for something totally different from Dateline's Chris Hansen. It's an all-new reality show, called "What a Pain!" -- and it's totally fake! The idea is to test reality-wannabe contestants to see how far they'll go. Would they deliberately hurt someone else just because they're told do? Or, how about this: An enclosed room fills with smoke. Would people bolt for the door or sit tight for more?

You're going to be surprised at the shocking things people can be persuaded to do. Join Chris Hansen for "What Were You Thinking?"

I watched the show last night and guess what? Only one of the several people refused to shock another person with even a low voltage for giving a wrong answer. She got up and walked out.

That's Arizona, the one state that will not be manipulated by the Press, Federal Government, or any other pier pressure out there. The White House can scoff at them all they want, but Arizona is going to make it impossible for ANYONE to get on the ballot without showing proof that they are eligible to hold that official position. It has passed the state House and on it's way to the State Senate.

Arizona has just passed another law signed sealed and delivered to do what our Federal government has refused to do for the past 30 years.

Maybe Michigan voters will wake up and follow suit and start electing only those who will listen to us instead of government union employees who feed off the programs that support illegal immigration activities here. Or even go a step further and pass a law requiring the Secretary of State to demand proof of eligibility to get on the ballot.

Time will tell if Michiganders are just a bunch of manipulated fools or independent thinkers.

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Tony said...

Rose, careful what you are praising. The Immigration Bill voluntarily hands over the biometric data of Arizona citizens to the federal government and other non-governmental groups, including multinational organizations, foreign governments, and private corporations. This bill is selling out the privacy and sovereignty of it's citizens and advances the police state. Check out the response of Jeff Greenspan below: