Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Canadian couple wants to shop on US side -- BIG MISTAKE--Imprisoned in the USA for "Obstruction of Justice"


Captain Sweetness said...

The border guards are indeed on a power trip, but Canadians must submit to questioning/search if they want to get in. This is one of the few times the Feds have any power.

I think the guards in this clip should be removed for their disgraceful attitudes and rudeness, but they have every right to question foreigners trying to enter.

truckingal said...

Yes, the border guards are arrogant and on a power trip. And usually, the US guards are the worst (and most arent American-born, but Asian or Indian immigrants). However, there is a little weasel Canadian border guard at Coutts, Alberta that can outshine even the creeps at Detroit: He 'arrested' me for drugs-because I had baking soda for tooth brushing in a small bottle in my luggage! (he looked like an idiot later when he found out what it was-and yes, truck drivers are often questioned and searched - but we're second-class citizens, ya know). I also saw him confiscate an 8-yr-old' Canadian kid's pet cat . . .they had apparently taken the cat with them into the US without paperwork for the cat and he wouldnt turn his back long enough to let the cat back in. He's famous all over the western US and Canada among truck drivers. I've also had them question me at length about whether I owned guns at home-because I'm from Michigan. But the part that chilled me to the bone was when he pulled his little self up to all five and a half feet and said to me, "You're in Canada now. You're not in the United States. Your Constitution doesnt mean anything here-we can keep you locked up as long as we want!" I never went back once I got out of there. As far as I'm concerned Canada can run out of toilet paper AND Sears catalogs . . .I wont be bringing it!

Rose said...

I hear ya truckingal. My experience at crossing hasn't been a lot, but the times I did go to Canada weren't good except when I crossed at Port Heron. This was years ago but the Canadian guards were really nice.