Friday, April 23, 2010

Does CNN's Anderson Cooper Have A Problem?

For some reason, CNN's Anderson Cooper has a BIG problem with any State exercising it's right to pass legislation that would settle once and for all a candidates eligibility to hold an office. One would think that because of the controversy surrounding Obama, that this would settle the issue.

Below is a clip where Cooper has state Representative Cecil Ash from Arizona on his show. It's obvious that Cooper is out to make Ash, a Republican, look like a 'RACIST' who just doesn't want a black man for president. Oh My!!!

The truth is, every state should have in place legislation that makes every candidate provide the appropriate identification to show their eligible to hold what ever office they are applying for.

It's insane that in order to enroll a child in school, one must provide a birth certificate, get a drivers license, passport, you name it and we must show that we are who we say we are.

Are politicians exempt? Why doesn't Anderson Cooper invite Phil Berg, Esq., life long Democrat, on his show to discuss this. After all, Mr. Berg is the person who first discovered by reading Obama's book, 'Dreams of my father', that their MAY be a problem.

But no, that wouldn't allow CNN and Anderson Cooper the opportunity to attack Tea Party's and other groups who are standing up and holding government accountable to the oath they take to up hold the Constitution, would it. Well, watch the video clip and make up your own mind.

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