Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bob Schulz and Judge Napolitano on Fox News: The Right To Petition for Redress and Articles of Freedom

Preparing for April 19th - the Delivery of the Articles of Freedom to Elected Officials in EVERY State Capitol 

Letters went out to the principal federal and state public officials regarding the plan to deliver the Articles of Freedom to both state and federal officials on April 19th.  Other states are using the Letter as a template and following suit. 
special AOF Presentation event program has been prepared for that day which will be followed in every state where events are taking place.  The program is highly patriotic with significant audience participation (more details to follow). You will soon be able to check the AOF website to find out what is happening at your state capital and download/print the program materials (e.g., event script, handouts, organizing instructions, etc.) so that all can participate fully and/or help organize the local state events. 
WE HOPE YOU WILL get involved!  Contact your state coordinator. Volunteer to help. Defense of the Constitution is the highest form of patriotism. The simultaneous presentation of the Articles in every state has the potential to be a historic occasion. Read the Articles of Freedom and Sign the Pledge!

An Idea Whose Time has Come:
Frequent Mileage Programs for Patriot Drivers
Bob and Judy Schulz hit the road last week, along with Judith Whitmore.  Together, they drove 1700 miles in four days. (!) The first leg of the trip led through the hills and dales of Vermont and New Hampshire and then northward on to the coastal town of Waldoboro, Maine for a special Freedom ScrollCeremony with the "Constitutionalists of Maine." CC2009 Delegate Wayne Leach organized the event which was well-attended and well-received. 
Maine is now the eighth State to receive the Freedom Scroll.  Bob gave a great talk on the Right to Petition and the Articles of Freedom.  The local paper was on hand to take pictures.  Bob prepared a new Power Point Presentation (RIGHT-click to download, 2MB) for the occasion that summarizes the historical research behind this Right that summarizes the historical research behind this profound Rightand gives the Power to the People to hold government directly accountable to the Constitution. 
Boston: Electronic Chip in the Passport is Discomfiting
Tuesday morning found us in driving wind and rain (a familiar experience these days along the East Coast) headed for the U.S. Passport Agency in Boston.  We are now thoroughly familiar with the procedure to get a passport quickly (only took six hours) and are now the bearers of the latest electronic passport technology, which includes a microchip inserted in the back cover.  There is no hiding now.  Among other things, the chip can be used as a tracking device and read from a distance by any authorized (or clever unauthorized) persons and reveals a boat-load of info about the holder.  Joy.  
We The People Crosses the Border Into Quebec:
Still Day Two and Pressing Ahead
Passport in hand, the trio headed for Canada, stopping overnight in northern Vermont.  Day three we crossed the border for a meeting in Quebec City with an election official at Election Quebec.  Our purpose was to see if a government official would testify in the NCEL case about Canada's transparent, hand-counted ballot election process.  Bob hopes to integrate the international aspect into the argument, using examples from Canada and Germany, where the population utilizes a transparent constitutional system and can attest to the accuracy, credibility and reliability of such an approach.

The People of Germany have ALREADY had
Their Victory for Constitutional Elections

In addition to a good meeting in Quebec, contact was made with a leading German physicist, Dr. Ulrich Wiesner, who was the citizen-Plaintiff in an election integrity case in Germany which parallels NCEL almost identically.  We thank Vicki Karp and Kathleen Wynne for helping to make the connection.  
The People of Germany petitioned for constitutional elections there and the Petition was ignored!  The lawsuit was then filed by Wiesner and his father with the German Constitutional Court. (We like the name.)  They prevailed.  Electronic vote counting systems are now banned in Germany. (Have no idea what they did with all their machines). Victory for the People!  We are hoping he will agree to testify before the jury in New York. 
We have also been in contact with the International Institute for Democracies and Election Assistance (IDEA) in Stockholm and their U.N. contact in New York.   They are providing a report on the countries which use electronic voting machines (very few) versus hand-counted paper ballots (almost all: Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and so many more). 
From Quebec, the trio headed to New York City, with an overnight pit stop in Queensbury, for the meeting with Judge Andrew Napolitano on the Right to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances. 
NCEL Progess 
The deadline for submission of our witness list is April 1.  At least three U.S. citizens will provide expert testimony on behalf of the Plaintiffs, including Professor Alex Shvartsman from UConn, Doug Bersaw from Richmond, New Hampshire and Vincent Pertoso from Connecticut. 
In the meantime, NCEL Plaintiffs Bob Schulz and JP Liggett are resisting the Confidentiality Agreement the State of New York has insisted on before the State will turn over the documents the Plaintiffs have demanded as part of the Discovery Process. The federal District Court judge is expected to rule on the matter by next week.
Still Waiting on the IRS 
We are waiting for a hearing date with the IRS regarding its errant revocation of WTP's tax exempt status and resulting tax assessment.  We have delayed the filing of our lawsuit against the IRS pending the results of that hearing. Your prayers are appreciated for a Miracle resolution without going to court; without any disruption, discord or negative impact on the Foundation whatsoever.

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