Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beware Article V

Warning to state legislators:
An Article V call for a Constitutional Convention cannot be limited to one issue -- Chief Justice Warren Burge

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Internet said...

Most folks remain completely unaware that years ago, we were nearly thrown into a full blown Constitutional Convention, by the vote of New Jersey State Senator Cardineli, but reversed his vote, before casting it, by the efforts of Phyllis Schaffly. (Forgive me if I am miss spelling names).

If we ever come that close, again, and we might, THEN it will be up to us to FIGHT FOR our Republic in ways we have not yet considered.

To avoid armed struggle, we need to as individuals, SIGN our own commitment to maintaining our US Constitutional Republic REJECTING in ADVANCE, any moves to the contrary.
Publicly. I encourage someone with better resources, to get that going, NOW, ahead of such a crisis.

Keep in mind that any troop in combat, facing his or her death, is doing so on behalf of THAT contract that We the people have with Public Servants.

Yes, they have drifted far away from it already. In our present condition, we are not much better off then was George Washington at Valley Forge. We may not "see" it yet, but we have come full cycle and now are already face to face, once again, with Tyranny and it's willing Tyrants, servants not of we the people, but of Lucifer and of hell.

Those "Public Servants" relish with and in great delight at their efforts to OVERTHROW our Republic.

They are already well down that path of deliberate destruction.

We the people should be ashamed to be allowing any of our children die in VAIN in any battle, anywhere. We have little problem understanding the need to do so when necessary, but that same level of FIGHT -- here against these Treasonous and treacherous souls must be dealt with to no lessor degree.

Not all calls to be willing to engage in battle against domestic enemies of our Republic are done as agent provocateurs. Hell no!

We should NOT be intimidated for insisting that if Public Servants REFUSE to SERVE the Public, then they have LOST all true legitimate, lawful Authority, and they have none remaining.

Look at what it took to cause communism to fall in the Soviet Satellite states. The people REFUSED to conduct themselves in business as usual. They reached the breaking point. They gathered by the hundreds of thousands and surrounded the bastions of Tyranny until they COLLASPED!

We are nearly at such a point, here, in our own nation.

But, without the presence of God in our midst, and without sound preaching from fearless servants of God, we cannot expect victory, or peace. Only widespread bloodshed.

Our nation was first LOST in our nation's pulpits, and from there we MUST regain our nation.

I trust in the Living God and no one else.

Romans 13:1-7 has been deliberately re-written to neuter the power of the church.

The NIV and all the rest are at the heart of the problem.

The KJV declares "let every soul be subject to the higher powers."

"EVERY SOUL" includes the souls of those reprobates who mask themselves and parade themselves as "Public Servants," as "government" that the NIV says we the people must worship.

The NIV would have us worship the power of the godless and god forsaken state, as having powers equal to God. Such foolishness! What a scam!

But hey, the NIV, it's popular, and has made it's Copyright owners literally millions of dollars in the process of removing from the church, the real POWERS of God that emanates from the people of ALMIGHTY God.

Let our mutual enemies postulate and worry over if we serve God or not. It is none of their business now. They are total reprobates.

They MUST go BACK to wherever it was they were before they exposed themselves out of closets!