Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A personal appeal from a U of M student in Ann Arbor:

As the day of our Tax Day Tea Party approaches, we are hearing more and more about the dirty tactics the other side plans to employ in order to destroy our campus movement.  Our protest began as an organic and genuine cry against the massive encroachment of the federal government upon our personal liberties.  We have now been informed that the other side plans to bus people in from Metro Detroit and Detroit proper in an attempt to dwarf us.  Campus is quite literally abuzz.


The Opposition plans to arrive an hour before us, at 6:00pm.  PLEASE, help us and try to arrive by 5:00pmif possible!  Gather on the steps of the Hatcher Graduate Library so as to prevent the Opposition from doing so at 6:00.  Many students will still be in class, so we need YOU to come and help us as we fight liberalism at Ground Zero: Ann Arbor!  If you can only commit two hours, please consider coming early and then letting the students relieve you closer to 7pm.

Once again, we are outnumbered heavily, even at our own event.  The other side has said that we should be destroyed as a movement on campus.  We have received every sort of threat, taunt, and smear imaginable, and will continue to have them thrown at us through the rally.  Let's show them they're wrong.  NOW IS OUR TIME TO FIGHT BACK AND BEGIN THE PROCESS OF TAKING BACK OUR PUBLIC UNIVERSITIES!!!

To draw an analogy, this protest is NOT the equivalent of a Tea Party in Boston over 200 years ago.  Rather, it is the equivalent of a Tea Party in London 200 years ago, at the heart of British power and the influence of the British Crown.  WE HAVE NOT YET BEGUN TO FIGHT!  JOIN US THIS THURSDAY and help us DEFEND LIBERTY at U of M!!!


A U of M Student Patriot

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