Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CNN - Radical or Right - Anger Against the Government

Last week, CNN contacted Bob Schulz, Founder of We The People Foundation, for an interview. CNN spent 5 hours interviewing Bob for this "NEWS" story below. Can anyone tell us that CNN and the rest of Lame Stream Media isn't bias now? Does this "NEWS" story report the fact that WE THE PEOPLE exercised our FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT to Petition for Redress of Grievance not once but twice, only to have our servant government REFUSE TO ANSWER?

Did this "NEWS" story report on the "Articles of Freedom" that WE THE PEOPLE just delivered to our state servant governments?

Or did this "NEWS" story focus on trying to tie WE THE PEOPLE, TEA PARTYS and anyone who dares to stand up for our Constitutionally Protected Rights, with the OK Bombing?

All I have to say to all the newly awakened Tea Party groups, "Welcome to our world!"

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