Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ron Paul takes on the Federal Reserve with HR 1207

September 1, Salt Lake City Conservative Examiner Ken Bowers

He is refreshingly different. He doesn't compromise, trade votes, form alliances or manipulate his colleagues behind the scenes. He just votes on the constitutionality of the bills in front of him.

Because of his strict honesty about interpreting the Constitution, he is a dedicated opponent of the Federal Reserve. That's because the Fed is unconstitutional. In the years he has been in Congress, Paul has consistently introduced bills to audit or abolish the Federal Reserve System and all of them died in committee through of a lack of interest. In 1987, for instance, he introduced a bill to audit the Fed that could only muster 18 co-sponsors, and that was a record high.

But something happened. Paul ran for President in 2008, and was the only one of the Republican presidential hopefuls that wanted to abolish the Fed. He seemed to be out of step with his colleagues at the time. In his debates, he consistently attacked the Fed and said that unless we stopped creating money out of thin air, we would soon have a economic depression.

Watch your back, Mr. Bernanke. The people of the U.S. are tired of Federal Reserve secrecy. They are creeping up on you. FULL STORY

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